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Skin Chemists Wrinkle Killer SRP $217

While I don’t mind getting older, getting wrinkles is something that I am really not impressed with. I don’t expect to have the same skin that I did when I was eighteen although that would certainly be nice. I’d like to stop the progression of wrinkles before it gets too bad and tighten up slightly. 

Wrinkle Killer by Skin Chemists is a natural, non-invasive wrinkle remedy. This serum uses a combination of oxygen and a formula replicating the Temple Viper’s venom, giving you the latest development in skincare science. Wrinkle Killer contains 4% of the the active ingredient, Syn-ake, a neuro–peptide Wrinkle Killer. 

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You simply use the Wrinkle Killer twice a day before moisturizing and after washing your face.  They recommend that you use Skin Chemists Wrinkle Killer for 28 days before you see results from the serum and you must continue to use it for lasting results. You need only a very small amount of serum to cover your face so the 30ml container will easily last you 28 days.  I have not tried this for the full 28 days so I cannot share the final results of how this has worked.  It is important to note that results are not lasting unless you continue to use the product.

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