Playing with Purple

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I’ve been playing with purple. Thought it would be a bit more neon on than it was. It’s the purple from this Sephora kit:

Plus I added the Mark Venus eyeliner which is the purple one here:

Couldn’t find it in a current campaign but it’s from mark.

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  1. Kelly Stallings says

    I absolutely love that purple color on you and I’m so into liquid eyeliners right now. Perfect combo.

  2. nicole hendrickson says

    I’ve been looking for liqud liners in some fun colors

  3. This looks great, and brings out your eye color.
    Amy Desrosiers

  4. Birbitt Thinks says

    That purple is so pretty, of course I love anything purple! I didn’t know eyeliner came in anything other than a pencil…yeah I’m clueless when it comes to makeup!

  5. Robyn Wright of says

    going to have to make a stop at Sephora soon! (found this post via Pinterest)