New BA STAR Eye Shadow Palettes

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There are times that you really need your make up to stand out and stand up to heat, stress and wear.  While I have stressful moments in my life, I don’t generally have to worry about my my makeup lasting during a workout, play or dance competition.  About as stressed out as I get is during a meeting with a client or beating the crowds to that huge clearance markdown at Nordstrom.

New BA STAR Eye Shadow Palettes

New BA STAR Eye Shadow Palettes

The New BA STAR Eye Shadow Palettes are intended for performers, dancers, & cheerleaders. Since my daughter is a theater arts major at college, she often finds herself under the lights hoping that her make up stands up to the big overhead lights and stress of being involved in a play. BA Star Makeup is the number of brand of performance makeup.  It is high pigment and long lasting. These affordable eye shadow palettes contain five different high pigment eye shadows and an eye shadow base for all day hold.

New BA STAR Eye Shadow Palettes

There are new BA STAR Eye Shadow palettes that are now available in two color combinations: Midnight Smoky and Natural. I received one of the BA STAR Spicy Natural eye shadow palettes which lets you create a perfect natural eye. The colors included are Bronze, Chocolate, Nude, Deep Plum, and Gold.  You also receive a tube of body shimmer base glue to help the eye shadow last a long time. You apply the glue as an eye shadow primer.  Each eye shadow palette includes an eye shadow brush. Retail is only $8.75.

New BA STAR Eye Shadow Palettes

There are lots of helpful videos and a diagram that shows you how to best apply each eye shadow palette on their site.  This is so helpful since I’m not always sure the best way to use each color in a palette. Of course, you don’t need to use the base for regular wear of your eye shadow and you can tone down the brightness of the colors if you won’t be up on the stage that day.

New BA STAR Eye Shadow Palettes



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  1. How cool that they have a glue to help the eye shadow last! The  a tube of body shimmer base glue would be perfect for high humidity days!

  2. I love the colors in this palette- I have been wanting to try BA Star cosmetics for a while now!

  3. I’m sure that anyone involved in theatre or gymnastics would so appreciate having a make up product with staying power like this. It’s terrible when things start melting.

  4. I often find that my current eye shadow fades pretty quickly when out and about. That means I have to pack a little ‘touch up’ kit for times I have to re-apply which is just a pain in the butt! I love the colors in the palette you got!

  5. So excited you featured this palette since I should be getting mine in the mail from a giveaway I won a few weeks ago. I also won a little tube of BA Star body shimmer base but that’s not the glue that you talk about. The directions on it says to follow with the body shimmer powder and I have another I can use since I didn’t win that! I never heard of BA Star before I won them in two different giveaways. Hope I get the palette soon.

  6. It does make sense reading that they make makeup for those in the arts as the lighting would be so much different than natural light.  This is an interesting palette and lovely colors

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