Feminine Hygiene Products After 40

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These must have feminine hygiene products help me stay fresh no matter how active and busy I’ll be. Learn more about my top choices.

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Must have feminine hygiene products

Must Have Feminine Hygiene Products

When packing for a trip or checking your purse for a day out, make sure you’re prepared. You never know when your plans may change or when you’ll need something you weren’t expecting. You just never know.

  • Pads or tampons. No one wants to think about it, but it’s better to be prepared than finding out when it’s too late.
  • Hand sanitizer. While I don’t use this often, I do after visiting a public bathroom or when I need to open a door after someone who is clearly sick.
  • Feminine Wipes. There are times we need to feel a little fresher. Please choose a feminine wipe that is eco-friendly. Swipes is a great brand.
  • Facial Spray – There is nothing more refreshing than a mineral water facial spray when you’re feeling overheated.  A cool mist can revive you and freshen your makeup.
  • Body Mist – Body mists do for your body what a facial spray does for your face. Find one that is alcohol-free so it doesn’t dry out your skin.
  • Lip Balm – There is nothing more annoying than dry, chapped lips.
  • Tissues – They’re multi-purpose and you never know when you’ll need one!
  • Poise Impressa – A revolutionary new product designed to help stop your leaks before they happen.

Must have feminine hygiene products

Poise* Impressa* Bladder Supports was designed to manage Stress Urinary Incontinence. Unlike other incontinence products, Poise* Impressa* Bladder Supports do not absorb leaks — they help prevent them.

Your first step toward stopping leaks starts with the Impressa Sizing Kit. Impressa comes in three different sizes, and the Sizing Kit helps you find your most effective and comfortable internal fit.

Each sizing kit includes six bladder supports (two of each size), along with a $4 coupon toward a 10-count Single-Size Pack of Impressa.

Must have feminine hygiene products

Keeping these must have feminine products on hand means I don’t have to worry about accidents. I’m free to head out on my next adventure and just enjoy it! Get your coupon today! There are several high value coupons to choose from!

This post is sponsored by Poise but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Must have feminine hygiene products for women over 40

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  1. I need to find out more about this product. I think it would be so wonderful to be able to stop those pesky leaks before they start! Thank you for the information. 

  2. That is a revolutionary product for sure. It’s great that there are such products to help women with bladder leakage issues. These are great tips for women over 40. I’m totally with you on the lip balm – I hate dry lips.

  3. There are so many little considerations that you need in these instances.  It is indeed great to have along the impressa. Such a new and different twist on bladder leakage. I like that it can help you evaluate different levels and use the size that is right for you. 


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