Kate Spade Nail Polish Set

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I love trying new brands of nail polish so I was excited when I found a Kate Spade Nail Polish Set at TJMaxx yesterday. We don’t have a lot of upscale stores in my area so I generally only have easy access to drug store brands. To find the more upscale brands, I find myself stalking TJMaxx or buying online.  Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with drug store brands, I just like to try new things.

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Kate Spade Nail Polish Set

Kate Spade Nail Polish Set

This Kate Spade Nail Polish Set is a set of four mini nail colors in the shades white, black, taupe and yellow. Each bottle is .10fl oz. The set of four minis retails for $20. I found it on clearance at TJMaxx for $5.


I really love the presentation of this nail polish set. The mini bottles have a cute ball top and the labels have a slightly vintage look. You won’t get a ton of nail polish but there are easy a dozen or so uses. I never use my polishes that often so this is a great way to try something new.

I needed to use two coats of the white and the yellow to get full coverage and even then, I seriously considered a third coat for the white. The taupe and the black gave me full coverage with one coat. So far, it wears really well. I’m very hard on my nail polish because I type all day but this is standing up to wear quite well.

Kate Spade Saturday Nail Polish Set

I love knowing that I have a Kate Spade Saturday Nail Polish Set. I’ve wanted one of her bags for years but this is probably about as close as I’ll get to owning a Kate Spade. I’m not sure I’d spend $20 on four mini nail polishes but I’d definitely pick up another on clearance if I found one.

Have you ever tried a Kate Spade Nail Polish Set?

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  1. Those are cute little bottles! I wonder if they only come in those four colours or if there is normally other colour sets too. I’m hard on my nail polish too so I’m glad to see it lasts longer.

  2. I didn’t know that Kate Spade had nail polish. I’m such a fashion addict that I have to order these! I love the pretty colors.

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