Is your hair heat damaged? Let Nexxus help!

Last Updated on July 23, 2021 by Ellen Christian

I blow dry my hair every day and I know that’s taking a toll on how my hair looks.  When you’re hair is exposed to heat often – whether that’s a blow dryer, curling iron, or straightener, it dries out.  Dry hair is brittle and tends to break more often, get frizzy, and have split ends.  That doesn’t make for hair that’s attractive or well behaved.

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My hair is flat and lifeless when I don’t blow dry it so that isn’t something I’m planning on stopping any time soon.  Even with conditioners, I notice that my hair is dry and not healthy looking. Nexxus ProMend Heat Protection Styling Spray helps protect hair from the drying, damaging effects of styling appliances to leave your hair shiny and healthy looking.

The Nexxus ProMend Heat Protection Styling Spray acts as a barrier that absorbs heat and then protects your hair from damage.  You just spray it on towel dried hair and then using your styling products as usual.  One thing I’m really noticing about the Nexxus products is how much I enjoy the scent.  It’s a very light floral scent that is not at all over powering or unpleasant.  Some styling products have a very harsh, chemical smell and that is not at all the case with Nexxus ProMend products.  I love how soft the ProMend products keep my hair. This is definitely I line I plan on using again and again.

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4 thoughts on “Is your hair heat damaged? Let Nexxus help!”

  1. My hair is growing out and the longer it gets the more I have to use the hair dryer and straightener on it, so a good heat protectant is important. This sounds like a good one.

  2. Sounds like a great product. I don’t blow dry my hair much personally but I can see how it could get heat damaged easily.


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