How To Tone Down Redness From Rosacea

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In my thirties, I noticed that my cheeks were flushed all the time. I started to be aware that no matter what I did to improve my complexion I still had large pores and breakouts. I knew it probably wasn’t from my skin care routine because I spent so much time being aware of what I put on my skin. After seeing a dermatologist, I learned that I had rosacea.

How to tone down redness due to rosacea

How To Tone Down Redness From Rosacea

Rosacea is a skin condition that causes flushing (redness), large pores and often breakouts that look like adult acne. The redness is caused by the enlargement of blood vessels in the face and has nothing to do with how well you care for your skin.

Rosacea is most common in women with fair skin who are thirty or older, but it can affect others as well. There is no cure for rosacea. However, there are several topical prescriptions that can help. You can also learn how to tone down redness from rosacea that will make it much less noticeable.

  • Always wash your face using a mild cleanser, warm water and your hands. Never use anything abrasive including scrubs, exfoliants or wash cloths. Blot dry. Do not rub.
  • Avoid skin care products that sting or burn. Toners and astringents may be too harsh for your skin.
  • Always choose facial products that are sensitive to your skin. Look for those labeled for sensitive skin.
  • Always wear a high SPF when out in the sun. Avoid being sunburned at all costs.
  • Many people with rosacea feel more self-confident when they use cosmetics to hide the redness, large pores and acne than when they don’t.
  • Choose green makeup or green-tinted foundation to offset the redness.
  • Avoid any cosmetic products with pink or orange tones.
  • For adult acne, try a heavy duty, multiuse concealers like Hard Candy Glamoflauge that is perfect for long lasting coverage of blemishes, freckles, dark circles and signs of rosacea. Hard Candy products can be found at Walmart.
  • When choosing clothes, avoid the colors red, orange, yellow, salmon, and rust if will be near your face. Instead, choose blue, brown, purple, black or grey. Neutrals in cool tones work well.

Learning how to tone down redness from rosacea can make a difference in how you look and feel. Do you have any tips I’ve missed?

How to tone down redness from Rosacea

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  1. I have tried the green makeup trick and it works! I have green mineral powder for oily days and a stick for dry skin days. It’s a good tip for those dark splotches too that you just want to hide.

  2. Sunscreen is one of the best tips for all skin types. You cannot start to correct any trouble areas until you start to protect your skin from more damage from the sun! 

  3. These are some great tips. I have a friend with Rosacea and will have to pass these along.

  4. These are great tips! I have not heard of some of these before, I have a friend who has Rosacea who will love these tips.

  5. My skin can get very red. I have never heard of this but I do plan on trying it.