How to Keep Your Hands Soft All Winter

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Wondering how to keep your hands soft? Winters in Vermont mean cold hands and dry skin.  The temperatures dip down below freezing at least six months out of the year and that means we keep our wood stove running which dries out my hands.  When I venture outside, you can be certain that I’m wearing gloves as often as possible to keep my hands toasty warm in the cold weather. This post contains affiliate links, and I will receive compensation if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.


How to Keep Your Hands Soft All Winter

No matter what I do, I find that my hands get dry much more often in the winter. Since dry hands are uncomfortable and unattractive, I try to keep my hands from getting to that point. Here are a few things I find that really help to keep your hands warm and soft this winter.

Apply Lotion

When you wash your hands, take a moment to put apply hand lotion or hand cream.  Many hand soaps have ingredients and harsh chemicals that can dry out your hands. I keep a small bottle of hand lotion in my handbag and one beside both sinks at home. I try to avoid artificial ingredients so I look for brands like Burt’s Bees and Jason’s when I shop.

Protect Your Hands

When you’re doing housework and using cleaning products, protect your hands with kitchen gloves to keep the harsh chemicals off your skin. Wear gloves when you wash dishes to protect your hands and your cuticles from becoming dry or damaged.

Wear Gloves

Protect your hands from the elements by always wearing gloves when you’re outside. I find that a warm pair of water-resistant knit gloves works best for me. Choose a pair of gloves with super soft fleece lining that will keep your hands warm and toasty all winter long.

Deep Moisturize

We can all use a little bit of pampering in our beauty routine. Put a heavy body butter on your hands right before bed to give your hands deep moisturizing while you’re sleeping. Wear soft cotton gloves to protect your sheets while you sleep.

Do you have any tips I’ve missed for keeping your hands soft all winter?

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  1. I agree, protecting your hands from harsh chemicals (cleaning) during Winter will really help keep them, soft!

  2. Two Little Cavaliers says

    What great tips. I always think about moisturizing my hands at night and then forget. Maybe tonight your post will make me remember to do it. They aren’t really dry at the moment but I know that not keeping on top of it in the winter can make it go from not a problem to broken skin.

  3. Debbie Welchert says

    My hands and feet get so dry in the winter months. I have never tried the deep conditioning at night. So I think I am going to buy some better lotion and some gloves so I can give it a try. Thanks for the tips.

  4. Melissa Storms says

    I am terrible about protecting my hands when doing housework and though it is bad during the summer months, it is really terrible during the winter months. Funny that you mentioned it though, I just bought gloves for dishwashing and another pair for general cleaning.

  5. Great Tips. i use a good moisturizer and wear gloves when cleaning so my hands do not dry out. I also wear gloves when outside when it is cold to protect my hands.

  6. Brett Martin says

    my hands have been a mess since we moved. unpacking and a non working dishwasher!! i need to get into a good routine and get my hands healthy again

  7. Dana Rodriguez says

    These are great tips! I constantly moisturize and wear gloves when cleaning or washing dishes.

  8. This is one of my goals this winter, to take care of my hands and feet. The older you get, the more necessary this becomes.

  9. Oh those are all great ideas!  My hands can get so dry and cracked during the cold winter months!

  10. Jennifer H. says

    Great Tips!

  11. Thanks for the info!

  12. Kimberly Flickinger says

    These are great tips. Thank you for sharing as my hands get very dry especially during the winter.

  13. Nicole Ackerman says

    My hands get SO dry in the winter – good tips!