How to Make a Holiday Gift Basket for Two

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Do you have special friends that you like to give presents to over the holiday as a couple? We have a few close couples that we do things with regularly and we exchange gifts each year, but we do it as a couple rather than buying individual gifts. It can be a challenge coming up with ideas that everyone will enjoy so we try to put a few favorites for each person along with gifts that they can both enjoy. This is a Fashionista Event and a promotional item was provided to me by Chocolat Frey. Hosts for this event are Still Blonde after all these Years and ModlyChic.

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How to Make a Holiday Gift Basket for Two

How to Make a Holiday Gift Basket for Two

When we created this holiday gift basket for two, we wanted there to be something for everyone including the kids while making the focus on the adults. We added a selection of Chocolat Frey candies because you know everyone in the house is going to crazy for these.
How to Make a Holiday Gift Basket for Two

Then we added in some bath products for her, a scented candle they could both enjoy, some tea and some socks for each of them. If your friends enjoy coffee or hot chocolate, you could include that instead.

How to Make a Holiday Gift Basket for Two

Chocolat Frey® uses only authentic, GMO-free ingredients including rich cocoa beans, whole roasted nuts, and milk. They value sustainability and all the chocolate is UTZ certified. Plus, they support sustainable cocoa farming that provides better opportunities for farmers, their families, and our world. Today Chocolat Frey® is the #1 chocolate brand in Switzerland!

How to Make a Holiday Gift Basket for Two

If you’re looking for a premium chocolate brand to include in your gift baskets, you need to check out Chocolat Frey. I had a chance to sample a few of the chocolates as I was putting the gift basket together and there is just NO comparison to other brands. It’s rich and creamy and absolutely decadent. We love giving our gift baskets in a wicker basket because it’s reusable after the treats are gone to hold towels, magazines or DVDs.

Chocolat Frey Napsli can be found at Sam’s Clubs across the country. 80 delicious individually wrapped authentically Swiss milk and dark chocolate pieces for only $9.99. You can find them here:

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One of my readers will win $55 worth of Holiday Chocolat Frey products. Selection varies.

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77 thoughts on “How to Make a Holiday Gift Basket for Two”

  1. Chocobloc Orange Bar love this bar I know my neighbor tammy E would love you been thru alot her home was damaged by a fire close to her water damaged 7 smoke she need some cheering up thanks

  2. Holiday Artfully Crafted Assorted Pralines Box would make a nice gift for our neighbours. It’ll make a nice impression and you can’t go wrong with chocolate for holidays

  3. $55.00 would be a lot of lovely chocolates. I’d want included this item: Chocobloc Milk Mini Bars Stand Up Bag (5.3oz).  It sounds great as do the orange chocolates and the pralines.  Not a big fan of dark chocolate but I do love milk chocolates and white chocolates. 

  4. I would love anything from their site. I love chocolate. I would especially love the reindeer. I think having something so festive would be extra fun.

  5. Oh my! I always try to win chocolate for my dad at Christmas and he would just love any of these. I haven’t seen him turn down any chocolate ever but think he would like something crunchy with nuts like the Aura Collection- Almond Intrigue. My mom likes almonds too so maybe he’ll share. It’s his 81st birthday this month too, so I need to get him lots of great gifts this year!

  6. I would like to get the Frey Chocobloc Dark Mini Bars because I like to eat s piece of dark chocolate after dinner.

  7. I my self would love to have someone give me the Chocobloc DARK mini bars! Just perfect to pop in. Why? I LOVE dark chocolate. You can keep the milk stuff to yourself! hahaha

  8. We southerners take our pralines seriously. So of course those and all looks yummy.
    I would love to share with all,our family and friends.

  9. I would like to try some of the Red & White Candy Crumble Small Peg Bag. I can use this when i make my candy sleighs as topping for the snow. This would make it more festive and fun looking.

  10. I chose Chocobloc Orange Bar. When I was a kid my grandparents in England would always send us a chocolate orange, so that flavor combo is nostalgic for me.

  11. I would get myself the Reindeer chocolates because I love watching Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and these chocolates are so cute!

  12. I would like to give their Holiday Artfully Crafted Assorted Pralines Box (7.2oz). They are pretty and I am sure delicious. They would make a lovely hostess gift.

  13. Oh my goodness, all of it looks so yummy! I would especially love to try their Chocobloc Milk Changemaker because it sounds unique/tasty.

  14. I’d like to get the Holiday Artfully Crafted Assorted Pralines Box. I like that there are several different kinds of chocolate in the box 🙂

  15. So many good things on their site it was hard to decide…. Thinking I would choose the Chocobloc White Bar. White chocolate is my favorite and this looks delicious

  16. I would love to try the Finest Assorted Pralines Box because it would allow me to taste different ones!

  17. I would love to give my children some of the Reindeer! They are so adorable and I know that they would love them! 🙂

  18. I would love to try the blonde crunchy almond bar, I would like it for myself I love chocolate and almonds and have not seen a bar like this it looks so good.

  19. I would love to try the Medium Bunny 12ct Display because they look so cute and yummy 🙂
    Thank You for the chance

  20. I would love the Hollow Reindeer in blue & red for our grandsons Christmas Stocking. I would love to try their Chocbloc White Candy Bar

  21. I would most like like to try the Chocobloc White Bar because I love white chocolate and the Reindeer would be a cute stocking stuffer.

  22. I would love to get the Dark Chocolate Minis because dark chocolate is my favorite and I like to have minis in my purse for a pick me up during my long shifts at work.

  23. I would like to get the Holiday Artfully Crafted Assorted Pralines Box because I love assorted chocolates/candies.

  24. I would love the Chocobloc White Bar because white chocolate is one of my faves. However I do also like the Finest Assorted Pralines Box -as everyone can a bite of goodness:)

  25. I’d love to receive the Chocobloc Assorted Mini Bars. It’s the perfect bag – milk, dark and white chocolate all in one bag… YUMMY!

  26. I would most like to get the Chocobloc Orange Bar because that is a delicious combination of flavors and tastiness.

  27. I want the Chocobloc Dark 72% Bar (3.5oz) because these days I am all about the dark – the really, really dark – chocolate. I love it in late afternoon with a coffee.

  28. I would most like to receive the Chocobloc Orange Bar (3.5oz) because I love that combination of flavors, orange and chocolate, it’s my favorite gelato flavor too.

  29. My favorite candy by Frey would be the Finest Assorted Pralines Box. I like that it is an assortment pack and it looks so creamy and good. Nuts and chocolate together are one of my favorite things.

  30. I’d like to try the Dark Crunchy Nuts Bar. Looks like a delicious balance of nuts and chocolate. Thanks.

  31. I would really like to get the white Chocobloc–I love white chocolate!!

    Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  32. I would love to get the Chocobloc White Bar because you can shave it and it makes some of your creations look like snow!

  33. The Almond Intrigue looks so good! I love gifting things that i love! it’s like gifting a part of me <3

  34. I love chocolate in all of its forms, but I am trying to eat healthy. My favorite item is the Chocobloc Dark Changemaker single wrapped pieces so I can have a small piece of dark chocolate which is both tasty and good for you every day.

  35. I want the Chocobloc Orange Bar for myself because I love the combination of orange and chocolate.
    Thanks for the contest.

  36. I would love the Holiday Artfully Crafted Assorted Pralines Box. It would be great to share with my family.

  37. I would love to give or get the Milk Crunchy Nuts Bar. I love chocolate with nuts and this would make a perfect gift for everyone on my Christmas list.

  38. I like the very nice Reindeer 6oz. Chocolat Frey creation the most of all of the fine items available, especially this time of year.

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