Guess who dressed me today #PaperDollProject

Last Updated on December 29, 2017 by Ellen Christian

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The Paper Doll Project is a neat monthly event that happens with a bunch of different fashion bloggers. Each blogger chooses an item in their closet that they want an outfit styled around. It could be a pair of shoes, a shirt, a piece of jewelry, or whatever. They are paired with another blogger who uses their own unique sense of style to create an outfit for that person.

Then the fun begins when the blogger tries to put together an outfit that is as close to that one as possible. You can use what you already own, what you find at thrift stores or purchase the items yourself if you find something.

The item I started with was this pair of black The Limited capris. I wanted something fun but professional for a business trip I’m taking in August. I was paired with Sarah from Shades of Sarah for my project. Using my pants as the base, she designed this outfit for me.

Using what I had and what I could find locally, I ended up with this:

I decided to change the coral for purple.  I have rosacea which makes my skin reddish so I avoid anything red/orange near my face. Other than that, I tried to find things as close to her recommendations as I could but I’m rather limited in rural Vermont.  Had no luck at all finding a neutral colored purse.   These are the items I ended up finding to work with:

Capris – The Limited
Handbag – Nine West
Shoes – Anne Klein
Scarf – Cejan
Bracelet – Claire’s
Shirt – Thrifted

This is the final result.

What do you think?

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29 thoughts on “Guess who dressed me today #PaperDollProject”

  1. How fun is this! It’s such a cool idea to get a new perspective on your wardrobe!

  2. Hi there! I’m stopping by from Social Fabric.

    What a fantastic project. Thank you so much for sharing it with. The outfit you put together is adorable. I love it; very stylish.

    I also live in a rural area and it doesn’t make sense for me to get all dressy so it’s fun to see ideas that look good, are affordable, and still have a casual feel.

  3. I love the whole combination together, and am especially in love with that bracelet-great job Ellen!

  4. Did that shirt come from Kohls?! I have that exact same shirt! I love it!
    Super cute outfit!!

  5. Did that shirt come from Kohls?! I have that exact same shirt! I love it!
    Super cute outfit!!

  6. Did that shirt come from Kohls?! I have that exact same shirt! I love it!
    Super cute outfit!!

  7. Did that shirt come from Kohls?! I have that exact same shirt! I love it!
    Super cute outfit!!

  8. Thanks everyone! The shirt actually came from a thrift store so I’m not sure where it’s from originally. I just fell in love with the detailing on the front!

  9. Oh, how fun! I’ve always loved paper dolls! I like them even better this way.

    That’s a great outfit, and I love your accessories, too.

  10. What a cool idea to swap styles! Is this group open to new members!?
    I especially LOVE the bracelet!!! 🙂

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