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As a busy woman, I struggle with looking put together. Some days, I manage a little bit better than others. It’s impossible to look put together with damaged, frizzy hair. When I’m having a bad hair day, my self esteem suffers and it annoys me.  That doesn’t make for a confident, put together woman.

I have to heat style my hair.  If I just wash it and go, it’s flat, lifeless, and sticks out in all the wrong places.  I use a blow dryer every day to coax my hair into having some body and style.  Unfortunately, using a blow dryer every single day can really damage your hair.  Your hair becomes dry, the ends split,  it gets fly away and that isn’t a healthy or attractive look.

H2 Ion Damaged Hair Repair will help restore your hair to the soft, shiny, bouncy hair you want. H2 Ion uses Ionic technology which is the most advanced technology in hair care today. Ionic technology works with heat to restore and revitalize your dry damaged hair.  Unlike conditioner, it doesn’t coat the outside of your hair, it works from the inside out to actually repair your hair.  H2 Ioin uses MIM, a unique moisture infusion microbead derived only from Sonoran Jojoba plants to help give your hair body.

H2 Ion will:

Infuse healing moisture
Seal split ends
Add body
Protect hair from heat damage
Prevent hair breakage
Promote healthy hair growth

H2 Ion is also available in a shampoo and conditioner. This system is a wonderful way to get your hair back in the condition you want.  You hair can be your best accessory if you take care of it and will help give you an overall put together look.

Buy it:

H2 Ion Damaged Hair Repair can be purchased directly from their website for $79.95.  You only use a very tiny amount on your hair so it lasts a long time.

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  1. summer has wreaked havoc on my hair. I think this would be a good solution, thanks!

  2. I’m not familiar with H2 but it looks like it’s a bproduct that’s way out of my budget.

  3. Still Blonde after all these YEARS says

    thanks for letting me know about h2

  4. LOVE MELISSA:) says

    I need this for my hair badly!! Thank you!!

  5. Heavenly Savings says

    This looks great! Thanks for the info!