Fun Fashion Jewelry from Swell Caroline

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Fun fashion jewelry is a great way to dress up any outfit. Unlike fine jewelry, fashion jewelry is so affordable that you can have any number of different items without breaking your budget. Wear an armful of bracelets, stack your rings or choose a different necklace for every outfit.

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Fun Fashion Jewelry from Swell Caroline

Fun Fashion Jewelry from Swell Caroline

Swell Caroline is a small online costume jewelry retail outlet located in Atlanta, Georgia. They offer everything from bright bold necklaces to designer gifts and they delight in all things bright, colorful, preppy, and monogrammed. Their site offers a variety of different types of jewelry including bracelets, necklaces, earrings, watches, charms and rings.

The site is very easy to shop because you have the option to search by monogram, collection or jewelry type. Just a few of the collection types you can choose from include nautical, equestrian, preppy and bridal.  I love the cute styles that they offer.

All of their fun fashion jewelry is very affordable but if you are looking for an even deeper savings, you need to check out their daily deals page. Jewelry items that you find on this special deals page have been marked down even more.  I found the most adorable Regis Blue Bracelet that was marked down over 50%! The original price for this bracelet was $26 and the daily deal price brought the price down to $12!

Fun Fashion Jewelry from Swell Caroline

I received a beautiful Leather Lotus Bracelet from Swell Caroline. This bracelet features an adjustable leather band in navy and at each end is beautiful enamel and crystal detailing in aqua. Of course there are other colors too including navy leather with white detailing and white leather with navy detailing. This bracelet is 7 inches long and is adjustable in length.

If you’re looking for fun fashion jewelry, I definitely recommend that you look at the selection at Swell Caroline.

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