First-Ever “Feelin’ Good” Fashion Show, Featuring Clothes from Dress Barn

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Camp Shane (, one of the country’s premiere weight loss camps for kids and teens, teamed up with retail clothing store Dress Barn for its first ever “Feelin’ Good” Fashion Show on August 5, 2011 at 7PM. The camp’s first-ever runway show featured campers ages 12-19 who vary from sizes 8-22, and is designed to give campers the opportunity to show off their new, healthy bodies that they worked so hard for throughout the summer.

Created by self-esteem counselor, VH1 personality, and plus-size model Jamie Litt, the show is a culmination of a program Litt has implemented at Camp Shane that is meant to help encourage teenagers’ self-confidence, and reinforce the concept that beauty comes from within and is found in all shapes and sizes. The summer program also includes a professional makeover and a photo shoot to give the kids the opportunity to physically step back and see their transformation.

“The goal for most of these kids isn’t necessarily to be as thin as the models and actresses they see in the media. The goal is to get to a healthy weight and physical condition that’s ideal for each child specifically,” Litt says. “They’ve all done an amazing job on their weight loss journeys; however, many of them will not reach their goal weight until after camp. I encourage them to love themselves no matter what size they are, to embrace their bodies, curves and all, and to realize that they are beautiful just as they are in the present.”

The show took place on August 5, 2011 at 7pm at Camp Shane, located in Ferndale, in the Catskill Mountains of New York. There were special guest appearances by fellow plus-size models Stacey Hiett and Grisangel Paula, who helped Jamie Litt show the campers how to rock the runway and walk with them in the show.

7 thoughts on “First-Ever “Feelin’ Good” Fashion Show, Featuring Clothes from Dress Barn”

  1. I love that they are not making these girls think that they have to be pencil thin in order to be beautiful. As a woman with a bigger build, this is especially important to me. Bigger can be BEAUTIFUL!!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is neat. I’m sure these kids have put so much effort into losing weight and I’m sure they’re gaining confidence as well!

  3. Camp Shane – I remember hearing about them before on an MTV special. I didn’t know they did a fashion show too.

  4. This is great. Glad to hear they are focusing on confidence and getting to a healthy weight. Too many of these programs are all about whats on the outside only…

  5. Thanks for posting this article & thanks for all of the wonderful comments! I’m so glad to see people reacting so positively to the self-esteem program I’m implementing here. It’s been truly wonderful to volunteer my time with these very special girls this summer!

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