Find Your Style With Kleenex

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Disclosure: This article is sponsored by Kleenex. Thank you for keeping my life stylish!

It’s no secret that I love designer fashions.  I have a few favorite thrift stores that regularly have my favorite designer brands. I make sure to stop there regularly and see what amazing styles I can find.  One of my all time favorite finds was a gorgeous pair of Isaac Mizhari shoes.   The black and white pattern was fun and I was so excited to bring them home.

Find your style with Kleenex

Find Your Style With Kleenex

I’m a huge fan of Isaac Mizhari’s styles because they are so fashion forward.  Now I can enjoy Isaac Mizrahi in my home as well as my closet.  Kleenex partnered with Isaac Mizrahi to create 4 designs which are intended to evoke confidence and inspiration to help you express your personal style and step out of your comfort zone when it comes to incorporating the latest trends. Exclusively on the Kleenex style finder you can watch videos featuring Isaac Mizrahi where he provides his latest style advice and shares his own experience as a design leader for more than two decades.

Find Your Style With Kleenex

Of course, Kleenex has always been a stylish brand. I love this vintage ad I found on the Kleenex site that shows it was loved by Jean Harlow and Helen Hayes!

Whether you’re decorating at home or adding a pop of color to your clutch, Kleenex has you covered.

– Kleenex has been in the MOMA twice!
– Kleenex invented Social in 1941 with a campaign called True Confessions
– Kleenex started out as facial tissue for removing makeup.

Kleenex Style #KleenexStyle

I love that I can buy a decorative tissue box from Kleenex that displays my personal style.  I chose a floral pattern to go near my roses and a more professional pattern to go on my desk.

Kleenex Style #KleenexStyle

I cannot wait to be able to find Isaac Mizrahi’s styles in my store. I am just in love with the new styles.

Which is your favorite style? Check out the Kleenex Style Finder and leave me a comment below telling me which one you like the most.


26 thoughts on “Find Your Style With Kleenex”

  1. That’s so innovative that Kleenex would think to have a designer create fashionable box designs

  2. I love, love Kleenex hand towels, especially the Christmas designs. The pocket pack tissues are great too-love how thin the pack is. I will be looking for these new designs to buy!!!

  3. Isn’t it funny how we choose a kleenex box of all things to match our decor?? I’m really glad they’ve come out with some nice prints. My fav. is the owl. He’s so cute!!

  4. This is one reason why I like Kleenex, having choices in box design to go with the decor of my home.  I like fun patterns that I can blend into my home with having an eyesore of an ugly tissue box out. 

  5. I havent seen these cool designs yet. I could definitely use something cute on the back of the toilet besides a roll of TP!

  6. Very cool! And I didn’t know some of those facts about them, like being in the MOMA twice! 🙂

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