Fashion Etiquette – How do I look?

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I’m sure we have all be in this situation in the past.  Your friend, sister, co-worker comes up and asks “How do I look?”  Maybe you don’t give the question a second though and simply respond with “Fine” or “Great” no matter what they look like. After all, do they really want an honest answer to that question? When you come down stairs dressed for the office Christmas party and ask your husband what he thinks of your new dress, do you really want to know that it makes your  butt look big? When you’re showing off that new lipstick shade to your best friend, would you like her to tell you she thinks you look like Bozo The Clown in that color?

fashion etiquette

Fashion Etiquette

Whether they want an honest answer to your question or not, you have several choices.

Q: What do you think of my new dress? (When you think it’s not flattering for her shape)

A:  That color just brings out your eyes wonderfully. (Find something nice to say.)

A:  That looks like the same dress Kate Moss was wearing. (or if that’s too much of a stretch) Kate Moss wore a dress that same color on TV last week! (Distract her by mentioning her favorite actress/model/singer/famous person.)

A.  Did you pick that up during that sale TJMaxx (or her favorite store) had last week? (Ask a question to change the topic.)

A. I think I liked the blue dress better. (Be honest but not mean)

What is your preference when it comes to fashion etiquette? Would you like someone to tell you the truth when you ask them how you look? Or do you prefer they keep their opinion to themselves?  I’m on the fence about this one.  On one hand I’d want to know if I really didn’t look good.  On the other hand, it would probably impact my self confidence.

Fashion Etiquette – How do I look?


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  1. Yup, Like momma always says…if you have nothing nice to say best to say nothing at all!