Fashion and Charity

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It’s no secret that I love fashion.  Looking at the latest designer outfits in glossy magazines or (even better) searching through stores for the newest looks always makes my heart beat a little bit faster.  Just today, I bought myself a new pair of jeans by one of my favorite designers at the most amazing price ever. Of course, you know I grabbed that one in a heartbeat. How could I pass up such an amazing deal?


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Fashion and Charity

Fashion is not only about the hottest styles and glamorous lifestyle. There is a way to give back while satisfying your urge for a new statement necklace or a sexy pair of heels.  Fashion and charity can go hand in hand.  There is a way to support charity minded brands while you shop.  These brands take a portion of their profits and give back to charities. That means that you can feel good about making purchases from these companies because a bit of the money you spend will go to help  someone else.

There are many different charities that can benefit from your shopping dollars.  Just a few categories are youths, cancer research, developing nations, civil liberties and disaster relief.  This infographic will show you which designers are giving back a portion of their profits to help those in need.  The next time you are heading to the store to do a bit of recreational shopping, remember these designers and look for their labels as you shop.

I don’t actually need an excuse for bringing home a Versace or two the next time I’m out shopping but I really do love knowing that a portion of my fashion spending will go to inspire and help better the lives of children in need.  How about you?


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  1. Looks like some of these designers here are taking great charitable initiatives.

  2. This is so cool. I love to shop and this is a great way to support a charity by doing things you already do!

  3. I really agree with you, if I can accomplish several things with my purchases, why not?  I especially like Ralph Lauren’s focus on Breast Cancer. 

  4. I love seeing companies giving back to communities.  It helps justify the price I pay for things and am more likely/willing to pay for the higher end items knowing all the money is not pocketed.  

  5. Love this!! I may be biased though since I have a fashion company that also donates haha But I love seeing when big names donate as well. Fashion & Charity really do go hand in hand!

  6. I have a friend who does something similar. She’s well off, shops at kroger but makes sure her kroger money from the gift cards go to the lowest income schools in one area of her state. It’s like yours a great way to give back!

  7. It’s always a great thing when money can help in the bigger picture! 

  8. I think it’s wonderful that these fashion houses give back to so many great causes. Takes a little of the sting out of the price of designer clothes.

  9. I love that they are supporting such a great cause. I love these wonderful initiatives of these companies!

  10. I love to support companies that “give back to the community” in both big and small ways. It’s a win win situation for everyone.

  11. I love those designers and it’s great they’re taking such good initiatives

  12. I love when brands help charity causes. 

  13. This is a fantastic! It good to know that they do give back and just by shopping helps.