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The ladies over at Everybody Everywear really threw me for a loop this time. The newly assigned challenge is to mix patterns. Yikes! This is definitely something I’ve never done before and a quick check of my closet revealed very few patterns at all let alone patterns I could mix and not look ridiculous wearing. This one required a serious trip to the store!

After several hours of searching through thrift stores, boutiques and my favorite retail destinations, I think I came across something that looks pretty good. I know it’s probably not as daring as some would do but I’m just not a pattern kind of person. I can probably count the number of patterned items in my closet on one hand.

This is what I used to create my look:

DownEast Basics Rock Star Jeans $54.99

Calvin Klein Tie Dye shirt in brown $24.99 – identical to the blue one shown

Etienne Aigner Montclair Tote – $107

Ballasox stretch flat by Corso Como in gold  $60

Zoya Dove polish $8

Gold bangles from Claire’s – I think I paid $10.50 – can’t find on online to link to

Here’s the Polyvore of the look.  Couldn’t find the tie dye shirt in brown. 

EBEW Patterns / Color Brigade

And here’s how I put it together.

 What do you think?  I mixed tie dye and mosaics in my look for the Everybody Everwear challenge.

This is also my post for the Color Brigade. My colors are brown, blue and cream.  If you like this look, please vote for me.  Click here & then click Like near #14.

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  1. Cuzinlogic says

    Good job! Matching everything gets boring, so I like to switch up prints.

  2. The tie dye looks great! Relaxed yet slightly sophisticated! You did a great job. I wish I could think “outside of the box” more often. You definitely gave me some ideas. 🙂

  3. Very cute outfit.. Love the bag!

  4. Hey Ellen,

    Loving your look. I like how you polyvored it too. It really helped me see your individual elements. I do love your new bag. The gray polish is perfect with it! Don’t you ust love that color of gray? I have some from Ulta in Concrete!
    The only thing I’d change is I think your full length picture should be bigger and closer. I also think you need to wear some make up. You obviously have the cutest darn shape, I think makeup would really enhance your pretty skin and eyes. MPO only!
    Keep up the great work fashion friend!

  5. I want that top and bag. If I don’t stop reading your posts my credit card will break. lol

  6. LOL Shelley – I do have make up on 🙂 cover up, foundation, and mascara. Maybe I need to wear eyeliner? I was considering gold polish but I thought that might be too much. I think the Dove color is just right. Thanks everyone! Oh, Teri… clearance is my favorite word!

  7. I like that shirt! I’d get a different color like blue or green to bring out my eyes more but I like the pattern of it.

  8. I love your outfit. Very cute!

    -Jennifer, Jennifer’s Deals

  9. Jennifer, A Self-Confessed Foodie says

    Oooo, I love it! It’s definitely something I would wear too and I’m always afraid to mix patterns! Thanks!

  10. love the shirt 🙂 for realsies…

    girl, i want to tickle you so you will smile in your pic LOL

    i will have my pre-k class attack you and give you a good old fashioned “tickle fight”

    then you can be the socialite smeared with jelly fashionista, LOL

  11. Mixing patterns can be tough but I think you did a great job!