What is Cubic Zirconia Diamond Simulant Jewelry

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Are you wondering what cubic zirconia diamond simulant jewelry is? You may have heard a few different terms to refer to cubic zirconia rings including diamond simulant, simulated diamonds or diamond veneer. These are all different names for man made diamonds. 

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What is Cubic Zirconia Diamond Simulant Jewelry

Cubic Zirconia Diamond Simulant Jewelry

A cubic zirconia is a colorless form of zirconia that is clear and very similar to a diamond in appearance. It resembles a diamond when it comes to brilliance and clarity. But, these gems are man made rather than naturally formed.

For those that love the look of diamonds but not the price, a cubic zirconia ring is a beautiful option. To the naked eye, you cannot tell the difference between these options.

What is a diamond simulant?

A diamond simulant is a stone that looks similar to a diamond. But, it is often made of a variety of materials from natural to man made. People often call a diamond simulant a lab-created diamond. Standard diamond simulants include glass and cubic zirconia.

What is Cubic Zirconia Diamond Simulant Jewelry

What is diamond veneer?

Diamond veneer jewelry is high-quality cubic zirconia jewelry that has a veneer of carbon diamond particles. The crystallization process results in a flawless “G” color on the diamond scale.

The process increases the durability of your jewelry at a fraction of the cost of a real diamond. This makes it an ideal option for many people.

Purchasing diamond veneer cubic zirconia jewelry is one of the best ways to enjoy the look of a diamond at a fraction of the cost. Diamond veneer jewelry is available as rings, earrings, and pendants.

What is Cubic Zirconia Diamond Simulant Jewelry

Diamond simulant jewelry has one added benefit. I’m sure you’ve heard of the ethics surrounding the diamond industry. You often mine and process these using forced labor and other unethical practices. To avoid this, many people are choosing CZ jewelry instead.

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  1. All I needed to know is that pawn shops, back in the day, got fooled into buying CZ jewelry. If they can’t tell the difference, then I don’t see how anyone else can.


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