Cruelty free, non toxic "Ageless" perfume End 5/15

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Guest giveaway post on behalf of NaturalHairLatina

Size: 50ml 1.7 oz

Now, smell as young as you feel. 

Prize: Ageless Eco friendly perfume.
2 winners $55.00 value each

18+ World Wide

Enter, rafflecopter form below. 
End 5/15

a Rafflecopter giveaway 15% off Harvey Prince purchase. Discount code Natural15. 
The coupon code valid until May 26, 2012. @

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4 thoughts on “Cruelty free, non toxic "Ageless" perfume End 5/15”

  1. I would like to try Hello, because I like a citrus-y scent and thus one has meyer lemon, satsuma mandarin, and pink plumeria. Sounds wonderful!

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