How To Create The Ultimate Meditation Space

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If you are looking for an easy way to bring meditation into your daily life, it is essential to have a special space set aside for meditation purposes. Meditation spaces can be a wide variety of sizes and shapes. You might be able to use an entire room in the home that can be used solely for meditation. However, this is typically not the case and most people find themselves using a corner, closet, or laundry room for their meditation purposes. 

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How To Create The Ultimate Meditation Space

5 Tips For Creating a Simple Meditation Space

Finding The Right Spot

This is an area where you can not be too picky about. You will want to find a small area that has good ventilation, lighting, and temperature control. If you are forced to use an area near a window, it is a good idea to invest in solar shades to block hot sunlight. In addition, if the air quality is low, a HEPA air purifier is a good choice. For those of you living in colder climates, be sure to have a way to warm the room so it is comfortable for daily use. A simple idea to your meditation area is a portable space heater to ensure the room is warm for morning meditation.

A Room Free Of Distractions

During your meditation time, you will want to turn off all electronic devices. This is going to include the dishwasher, cellphones, laptops, or any other device that is going to create noise and be a distraction. At this part of the day, it is ok to cover up your to-do lists as well as any other chores. You want an area that is totally free of distractions. Keeping the area quiet and free of distractions is going to enhance your meditation time You may also want to place a “do not disturb” sign on the door to let everyone in the house know you are meditating.

How To Create The Ultimate Meditation Space

Cleanliness Is Essential

It is essential to keep your space free of clutter, dust, and general messes. You will want to vacuum, sweep, and dust on a daily basis to keep your room clean and pleasant.

Beauty Is Important

The design of the room is going to be a personal decision. However, it is best to keep it simple with a comfortable rug to sit on. However, the addition of plants, candles, pictures all can help bring balance and peace into the room. Water features that mount on the wall can add a lovely addition too.

Get Comfortable

You want your special place to be both relaxing and comfortable. Additional pillows and bolsters make for a perfect addition. And on those early mornings, you may want a shawl or blanket to help lose the chill.

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  1. I’ve been thinking about meditation for some time now, thanks for all this great information.

  2. I would love a place in my home for meditation. As it stands, I find the best place for me to be alone with my thoughts is one the front porch, early in the morning before the kids get up and as the sun begins to rise.

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