Body Wash Gift Sets With No Paraffin or Mineral Oil

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Are you considering body wash gift sets? It can be challenging to come up with a gift for some women on your list. In many cases, you don’t know them personally, but still, want to give them something to show you thought of them. When I want to give a gift to one of the kid’s teachers, our housekeeper, the babysitter, etc. I’m often not sure what I should get them. A gift set with body wash or hand cream is a wonderful gift for any woman on your list. 

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Body Wash Gift Sets With No Paraffin or Mineral Oil

Body Wash Gift Sets

Of course, there are a lot of different body wash gift sets out there. To make sure you’re getting a quality skin care set, look at the ingredients on the back of the package. I always look for gift sets that are dermatologist tested for safety. I have sensitive skin and it’s important that what I use is safe and gentle. And, I also look for products that are free of paraffin and mineral oil. Those aren’t good for our environment or our bodies.

At Kneipp, they use only the best quality plant materials in their products. Their products are based on naturopathic and pharmaceutical experience and knowledge handed down for generations. They use plant-based functional ingredients with no preservatives. There are no paraffin, silicone or mineral oils in their products and they never do animal testing.

If you’re looking for body wash gift sets, there are a number of them to choose from including scents like lavender, almond blossom and may chang and lemon. Of course, you can also find gift sets with body or massage oils, hand cream, body lotion, or sets with a combination of these products. Whatever type of gift set you’re looking for this year, Kneipp is a wonderful place to shop.

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  1. Yes, as a matter of fact I’m thinking of gifting both my mom and dad grooming gift sets, mainly because they are so practical-minded and never get them for themselves! They are in their eighties for heaven’s sake, and should be pampered! I just have to check with my mom if my dad uses shaving cream or if he uses an electric razor, since I haven’t a clue. I will keep that if he doesn’t since it smells great! My mom will love her bath set. I hope she uses the soy candle it includes but she can be a safety freak like me (where I got it from, lol) Body wash, soap or hand cream like you said, are always a safe bet though.


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