Bloggers Do It Better Challenge #5 – Maxi Skirts

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Bloggers Do It Better is a group of fashion bloggers who get together once a month or so to put together a look based on a challenge given by Pretty Shiny Sparkly. She gives us a theme and off we all go to interpret it our own individual way using clothes and accessories that we like.

This is the 5th challenge – although it’s only my first time participating. Our challenge was to create a look wearing a maxi skirt. I was really hoping to find a long, fitted maxi skirt – more along the line of a sheath. Unfortunately, the maxi skirt fashion trend hasn’t made its way here to rural Vermont.

Luckily, I had a maxi skirt I got from eshakti that I could work with. I paired it with some cork wedges from Lindsay Phillips because it’s a little on the long side. I topped it off with a plain white t-shirt from Tresics Femme and a black and blue scarf I already had. I chose nail polish from Orly in the Siren shade to give the outfit a little color. I probably should have tossed in a few pieces of jewelry but honestly, I always forget to put it on.

Here are the pieces I chose for my outfit.Β  I couldn’t find the exact shirt or scarf but these are close.

Stop by Pretty Shiny Sparkly and check out how the other bloggers put together a look using a maxi skirt.Β  What do you think? Does this outfit work or not?

28 thoughts on “Bloggers Do It Better Challenge #5 – Maxi Skirts”

  1. Very pretty. I love the blue on you! I always need high heels with maxi skirts because I am short.

  2. Ellen…you look like you are ready to set sail!! what a fun challenge!!! ahoy…

  3. You did a fantastic job. Your pictures are so natural and unposed. I am having computer problems so I haven’t got my post up yet! Very frustrated at the moment but inspire by you. Love the picnic table one! The Chief Blonde

  4. Now THIS is an outfit that I cold definitely wear! I love blue and the scarf sets everything off so nicely. You look great!! πŸ™‚

  5. I love the outfit you put together. I have yet to find a way to wear the maxi skirt! I have never visited your website before and really like it.

  6. that color is amazing! so summery, like sea glass…

    I don’t do maxi skirts much since I am short and my husband likes to remind me that they make me look like a Jawa.

  7. This is so pretty! I’m always afraid wearing a long skirt will make me look short because I’m really short already. This outfit looks great and I love the color!

  8. Cute outfit. I’m sure participating in this challenge has broadened your fashion savvy. I LOVE IT! Maxi skirts are always in style!

  9. This is my first visit to your blog…… Love the “challenge”! A free flowing skirt just feels to summery. I really like that you balanced the color in the skirt by featuring the bold blue around your neck, as well. I hope you enjoyed an evening out with your new, fashionable look!

  10. That skirt is beautiful. I have read a lot of your posts and you are not much for smiling. This looks was lovely on you and I hope you know that!

  11. Thanks everyone! I was really hoping to find a chic, sophisticated outfit but it didn’t end up working that way πŸ™‚

  12. Beautiful color! I’ve never tried a maxi skirt. I totally should because I’m tall. Thanks for the inspiration.

  13. This combination looks so pretty on you-I love maxi skirts, and blue and white are so french!

  14. This blue color is one of those colors that is so fresh and looks great every time you put it on. I can see this maxi skirt getting frequent use in the weeks and months ahead. Too cute! – Katy

  15. Love the blue! Looks a little too dressy for a picnic (white and picnics don’t mix around here – AH! Stains!) πŸ™‚

  16. lol @Mimi – My 13yo son informed me I looked retarded. I don’t think I wear skirts often enough πŸ™‚

  17. That’s a great outfit! I love my skirts long. My calves are muscular, so I like to cover them up. That blue is a great color for you, too!

  18. Great job! That is a gorgeous shade of blue. You look very nice and I think the retarded comment from your son was his way of saying you look nice. πŸ™‚

  19. I love the blue! I don’t have any maxi skirts, but I tend to live in maxi dresses in the summer. They’re just so easy to slip on and stay cool (as cool as you can in the current heat wave).

  20. I love, love, love maxi skirts! I really like that you put the casual top with it…this is an outfit that I’d wear everyday!

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