Beauty Essentials for Traveling

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These beauty essentials for traveling will help keep you fresh, clean and beautiful during your summer vacations. Check out my beauty travel list.

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Beauty Essentials for Traveling in the Summer Time

Beauty Essentials for Traveling

Vacations should be fun and relaxing, so you may want to bare down your beauty routine while you’re away. But, that doesn’t mean that you should completely forget about your skin or hair care needs while you’re away. 

Of course, your beauty essentials for traveling will be different depending on where you’re traveling, how you’re getting there, and what you’ll be doing. You’ll need different things for a weekend camping trip than for a week at a tropical island resort.

Travel Sized

My best recommendation for traveling no matter what time of year it is would be to find travel sized products whenever possible. No one wants to package full sized hair products, cleaners, spritzers, hair spray, etc.

If you’re traveling by plane, using trial sized products is even more important to comply with TSA requirements.  Malin + Goetz has a TSA approved travel essentials carry on kit that includes face cleanser, face moisturizer, body moisturizer, shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. It literally has everything you could need.

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Protect & Restore

Protecting your hair while you’re on vacation is vital. If you’re outside enjoying the beach, swimming, camping or hiking, your hair is being exposed to the sun, salt, chlorine,  the wind, and pollution.

Even if you don’t color or highlight your hair, these things can be very damaging and be drying. Philip B. Four Step Hair & Scalp Treatment Set is packed with super-light essential oils.

This award-winning conditioning treatment sinks right in, offering long-term repair to all hair types. The set includes rejuvenating oil, peppermint & avocado shampoo, light-weight deep conditioning crème rinse and detangling toning mist.

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Style on the Go

Chances are you’ll be out and about while traveling. You’ll be visiting friends and family, checking out the local sites and attractions, and enjoying a different routine. It’s important to be able to access your favorite products while you’re on the go.

I generally carry along a tote or backpack depending on where I’m traveling. Inside, I keep the basic essentials like lip balm, hand lotion, an all-purpose styling brush and Scünci Spiral Ponytailers that provide a dent-free hold all day.

The Conair Ultimate Root Booster Mid-Size Cushion Brush lets you experience a luxurious new level of volume! The Triangle Airflow Bristle™ design lifts hair right at the roots.

Bristles and vented cushion allow up to 50% more airflow* to reach hair for big, beautiful volume fast! This mid-size brush is perfectly sized for styling on the go.

Look for these products at your local mass retailers and drug stores. When planning your next summer trip, be sure to add a few of the best travel beauty products to your suitcase to be prepared.

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