A Guy’s Guide to Style by Berhnard Roetzel

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Most of the guys in my life live in jeans and t-shirts.  Occasionally there is an occasion that requires a dress shirt and pants but they are few and far between.  Because of this, they really aren’t sure what’s appropriate style for what types of occasions. Neither can tie a tie so I am the one in charge of this finishing touch.

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If the guys in your life are anything like mine, I have a book they need to read. A Guy’s Guide to Style by Bernhard Roetzel will give them practical tips and example outfits for a variety of occasions ranging from every day business to casual wear.

Just a few things you can learn about include business fashion, formal wear, cool and casual styles, the basic wardrobe; colors, patterns & proportions; shoes, materials, accessories, and cleaning & care. Each of these lessons has not only an explanation of what the style is and when it might be appropriate, it has an example picture as well.  If they aren’t exactly sure what a single breasted suit or Oxford shoes are, this will show them exactly what they are.

This book also has lots of helpful tips on different types of fibers, matching colors, how a suit should fit, the types of socks to wear with different outfits, etc. I really like that this book covers a variety of looks. Not only will you find Oxford shoes, you’ll also find sneakers and work boots.  There are polo shirts and jeans along with tuxedos.

Some of the outfits they book uses as examples didn’t fly that well with my son.  He took one look at them and pronounced that *Guys don’t dress like that*.  It may be his age or it may be our rural location but some of the outfits are definitely less rugged than what we see guys wearing around here. Of course, it could also be the guys around here aren’t up on the latest fashions.

If there’s a man in your life in need of some fashion tips, he should definitely check out A Guy’s Guide to Style.

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