How to Make a Holiday Gift Basket for Two

Do you have special friends that you like to give presents to over the holiday as a couple? We have a few close couples that we do things with regularly and we exchange gifts each year, but we do it as a couple rather than buying individual gifts. It can be a challenge coming up […]

Inlight Skincare Indulgence Collection Giveaway

With all of the holiday shopping happening right now, you may not have thought about pampering yourself. Most women put themselves at the bottom of the list of people to take care of. If that describes you, then it’s time to take a few moments to reward yourself for a job well done. Thank you […]

Beauty and Style Gift Guide

Do you have a stylish woman on your holiday gift list this year? I know I do and it can be so difficult to find something they’ll love. While everyone has their own personal style preferences, these gifts should appeal to a wide range of stylish women. I have received product or compensation for some or […]

Survival Straps Presents Active Edge Gear

Over the years, I’ve read a lot about jewelry that can help you feel better. I’m sure you’ve heard of crystals, Baltic amber teething necklaces, copper bracelets, etc. I’ve always been fascinated by the concept because I firmly believe that nature provides everything that we need to feel good and live healthy lives. A product […]

The Best Beauty Stocking Stuffers

This year, I’m buying beauty stocking stuffers for my daughter and my son’s fiance. We like to make gifts a combination of necessities and little splurges so that it’s both fun and useful.  A product was provided for this post. This post contains affiliate links, and I will receive compensation if you make a purchase […]

The Hair La Vie Collection for Healthy Hair

A few months ago, I noticed that I was losing hair when I washed my hair. After speaking to my stylist and doing a bit of research, I realized that this happens to some women during menopause. I’m trying very hard to be careful about what products I use on my hair to prevent any […]

Better Skin Mirakle Cream

As I age, improving the look and feel of my skin has become more of a priority. When I was younger, I admit that I took it for granted far too often. I’m seeing some of the results now in larger pores and fine lines.  A product was provided for this post. This post contains […]

Stylish Holiday Gifts for the Modern Woman

I was compensated for this post and this post contains affiliate links, and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links Have you started your holiday shopping yet? I have, and I’ve already found a few stylish holiday gifts for the women on my list. It can be so […]

Stock Up on Hydrating Skin Care for Winter

Winter is definitely here and soon the ground will be covered with snow. Colder temperatures mean drier skin and that means it’s time to stock up on hydrating skin care for winter. My skin gets so dry in the winter that it’s a constant struggle to keep my skin soft and smooth. I hate dry […]

LAVANILA Laboratories The Healthy Candle in Pure Vanilla

I’m using this healthy candle in pure vanilla to help scent our home during the holiday season. In the warm weather, we open the windows and enjoy the fresh air. But, in the winter, when the house is closed up, the air can feel stagnant. We do use natural scents from citrus peels and cinnamon […]