How To Make Your Eyeshadow Last Longer

Have you wondered how to make your eyeshadow last longer? Nothing is more frustrating than looking in the mirror a few hours after you’ve applied your makeup and finding most of it is gone. I realize that it’s probably asking too much to have my makeup look the same at 7am as it will at […]

How to Enjoy Dead Sea Mud Mask Benefits

Would you like to enjoy Dead Sea mud mask benefits at home? I would love to head off for a weekend at a spa but unfortunately, that won’t be happening in the near future. That doesn’t mean that I cannot pamper myself with a few spa treatments at home.  There are many spa treatments that […]

How to Use a Handheld Fabric Steamer the Right Way

Have you ever used a handheld fabric steamer? I know that many people use these to remove wrinkles from their curtains and drapes, but did you know that you can use them to remove wrinkles from your clothes? I hate ironing. Actually, I hate ironing so much that I refuse to do it. I have […]

4 Natural Make Up Removers You Have in the Kitchen

Have you tried natural make up removers? I love beauty products but the last time I was at the store, the makeup remover wipes cost almost $10 a package. That’s just a bit too much for my budget so I started thinking about alternatives. Using natural makeup removers is not only better for your skin, […]

How to Make Your Own Face And Body Care Products

Have you ever considered learning how to make your own face and body care products? There are so many different beauty care products in the stores today that it can be overwhelming. There are products that promise to make your hair shiny, soft, have more body, straight, curlier, smoother and so on.  You can find […]

How to Get Long Eyelashes With Mascara

I have been trying to figure out how to get long eyelashes with mascara since I entered high school. I was born with very short, thin eyelashes that were practically invisible without a little bit of help from a tube of mascara. I quickly discovered that not all mascaras were the same and that it takes […]

Best Patriotic Shirts and Tops to Wear this Year

Today I’m sharing the best patriotic shirts I’ve discovered from a few of my favorite retailers. Memorial Day and July 4th will be here before you know it. For us, that means parades, picnics, cookouts, and family events. Some years, I created my own patriotic shirt by sponge painting or sewing strips of fabric. This […]

How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes Properly

Learning how to clean your makeup brushes properly can save money and eliminate waste.  I used to buy the little disposable makeup brushes and sponges and then toss them when they needed to be replaced.  There were times I’d toss a regular makeup brush rather than washing it because I wasn’t sure exactly how to […]

How to Use a Beauty Serum

Have you wondered how to use a beauty serum? There are all sorts of different things you can apply to your skin to help improve your complexion.  It’s pretty easy to know what to do with most of them. Cleansers clean. Moisturizers moisturize. Scrubs scrub. But how and why to use a serum is not […]

How to Select a Jewelry of the Month Club

Have you ever wondered how to select a jewelry of the month club? After going through my jewelry last year, I realized that most of the pieces of jewelry I owned weren’t things I’d ever wear. They were leftover from a younger time, or they weren’t in very good condition any longer. I’d held onto […]