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You all know that I’m all about fashion.  I love flipping through the pages of the latest fashion magazines and checking out what the celebrities are wearing.  While some of the styles are a bit too much for me, I find many fashions that I really love and want to wear.  I’m especially interested in  designer shoes.  There’s just something about a display of designer shoes that really gets my shopping urges going.  Lately, I’m totally in love with these shoes from Prada:

Aren’t they adorable and so summery! Of course if you get new designer shoes, you really need to get a designer handbag to go along with it.  They’re like peanut butter and jelly.  You just cannot have one without the other.  Well you could but what would be fun about that? 

What do you think?  Is this a good match? This handbag is from Prada too and I think it would go pretty well with the shoes above. I love shopping for designer handbags.  I wish I could have a different one with every outfit. Speaking of outfits. If you’re going to have a new pair of designer shoes and a new designer handbag, you really need to top it all off with a new designer dress.  It’s like the cherry on the hot fundge sundae.  It makes the outfit complete.

What do you think about this one?  Even if you cannot have a closet full of designer dresses, you really should at least have one or two.  I think this one by Preen is really cute.  So what about you? What fashions are you shopping for this summer?  Who are your must have fashion designers?