Lasers and Other Ways to Get Rid of Body Hair

Summer is in full swing and you’ve probably thought about different ways to get rid of body hair at least a time or two by now. Everyone has body hair they wish they didn’t have. Most people take the time to repeatedly remove it at home by shaving, waxing, sugaring, or plucking it. While this […]

5 Leg Shaving Tips for Smooth Beautiful Legs

Check out these leg shaving tips before you shave next time! We all want smooth, beautiful legs but getting them isn’t as easy as it seems. Like most women, you’ve probably been shaving your legs since you were a teenager. You’ve probably tried every razor and shaving cream that’s been advertised with varying levels of […]

5 Pain Free Shaving Tips for Smooth Summer Skin

With summer right around the corner, these pain free shaving tips are exactly what you need for smooth summer skin. You want your legs to be ready for shorts and swimsuits but who wants to deal with bumps and irritation? I received products for this post. This post contains affiliate links, and I will receive compensation […]

DIY Beauty Gift Ideas for College Girls

I wanted to give Sarah something fun for back to college time. She really has the essentials already since she’s a senior this year. I started to look for DIY beauty gift ideas that were both fun and useful. I remembered that a friend of mine made “ice cream” sundaes with bath puffs and came […]

How to Choose the Best Razor

Have you ever stood in front of the razor and shaving cream section at the store and been completely at a loss? I really didn’t know how to choose the best razor. I generally bought based on the coupon I had at the time or the color of the razor. Neither of these things are […]

Dry Shave Without Razor Burn

I generally shave while I’m in the bath but every now and then I need to dry shave because I’m pressed for time and want to wear shorts or capris instead of my jeans. Normally, when I dry shave I end up with red, itchy bumps and razor burn. This is definitely NOT an attractive […]

How to Get a Close Shave on Legs

This is a Fashionista Event.  Product provided. It’s absolutely gorgeous today and I can tell that it is almost ready to take my shorts out again. That means that I have started taking a good, long look at my legs as I get ready for short season. Besides being white from lack of sun and […]