Prom Dresses and Formal Gowns With Sleeves

If you live in the north, finding prom dresses and formal gowns with sleeves is an absolute must. There are so many gorgeous designer evening gowns that are sleeveless or have tiny straps. But, if it’s 20F outside, that is probably the last thing you want to wear to your prom. Prom Dresses and Formal […]

Benefits of Sleeping with a Silk Cap for Your Hair

Have you ever wondered about the benefits of sleeping with a silk cap? I know this is something that my grandmother always did. But, it wasn’t something I ever considered for myself. At that point, I didn’t understand what the benefits were or understand why she did it. Now that I’m older, I wish it […]

Finding Winter Prom Dresses and Homecoming Gowns

I used to think that finding winter prom dresses was challenging.  Here in Vermont, prom season lands firmly in the middle of winter.  The ground is still covered with ice and snow and it will be months before we have warm evenings.  I always envied people who lived in the southern portion of the country […]

Affordable Prom Dresses

This post has been sponsored. Prom season is enough to make any young woman’s heart flutter.  After all, there is the man of her dreams, beautiful flowers, romantic music and a dress she’ll remember all of her life. To this day, I remember both of the proms I attended.  My first prom dress was a […]