How to Choose Cultured Pearls As A Gift

0.0 00 Are you considering cultured pearls as a gift? Almost every woman loves pearls. They exude timeless elegance. Pearl jewelry gives you a graceful elegant look. And, purity is often compared to a pearl, because of the flawless whiteness of the pearl and how smooth it is. How to Choose Cultured Pearls as a […]

10 Different Ways to Wear Pearls

0.0 00 Different ways to wear pearls? Fun fact: Lengths of pearl necklaces have been distinguished into six different types – collar, choker, princess, matinee, opera and rope. I don’t wear a lot of jewelry, but the one thing I wear regularly are my pearls. While pearls come in a variety of different colors now, […]

How to Wear Pearls with Jeans

0.0 00 I love wearing pearls. Nothing brings a touch of elegance to your outfit than a strand of pearls or a pair of pearl earrings. Many people save their pearls to wear with their favorite little black dress or pant suit. That needs to change. Once you know how to wear pearls with jeans, […]