The Best Nail Polish Colors for Spring

Are you wondering about the best nail polish colors for spring? With color returning to our yards and gardens, I’m always in the mood to try new nail polish colors to lighten and brighten my look. But, the choices for spring nail polish colors can be overwhelming. Should I opt for sky blue, daffodil yellow, or […]

Stop Biting Your Nails Fast With These Simple Tips

Do you want to stop biting your nails fast? If it seems like you’ve tried everything and still haven’t found a solution, I’m sharing a few tips that may help. Nail biting is also called onychophagy. Not only is it bad for your nails, it’s not attractive. Despite knowing this, it can be a very […]

How to Get Healthy Nails Even When You Wear Polish

Learning how to get healthy nails will let you show off the latest colors while still protecting and caring for your nails.  Our fingers are one of the first things that people see when we meet them. We reach out to shake their hand or open the door for them.  We pick up our drink […]

How To Keep Your Manicure From Chipping

The winter weather is hard on your skin and your nails but learning how to keep your manicure from chipping will help. Whether you have your nails done at the salon or polish them at home, you want them to look good for as long as possible. Nothing is more frustrating than to be admiring […]

Zoya Island Fun 2015

I’m not having any island fun this summer but I will be enjoying a few new summer shades from Zoya Island Fun 2015 collection.  These bright colors remind me of fun on the beach with brightly colored flip flops, beach balls and beach umbrellas! Product was provided. Zoya Island Fun 2015 All of the polishes […]

Spring Nail Care – Removing Stains from Nails

I love my nail polish but it can definitely do some damage to my nails if I’m not careful. I wear nail polish almost every day. I tend to use darker colors in the colder months and lighter colors or a clear gloss in the warmer months. After months of nail polish wear, I need […]

Tips For Doing Your Nails At Home

As much as I love having my nails done at the salon, I just don’t always have time to run into the city. I’m picky about where I have my nails done. Not all salons are as clean as you think they are and you can get some awful infections if you aren’t careful. Thankfully, […]

Restoring Damaged Nails

I love nail polish and you will find me wearing it most days.  Some days, I wear neutral colors and some days I wear neon colors with glitter. What I choose all depends on my mood, my outfit and my plans for the day. If you share my love for nail polish, you’ll understand when […]

Get Healthy Summer Nails With These Simple Tips

Can you have healthy summer nails? Sun, chlorine and nail polish can all take their toll on your nails. But, that doesn’t have to mean your nails can’t stay in good shape during the summer with proper nail care.  With all of the summer entertaining that you’re involved in, I know you’ll want your nails […]