7 Amazing Health Benefits of Curcumin

0.0 00 Have you wondered about the health benefits of curcumin or turmeric when it comes to beauty? Curcumin or turmeric is not just your humble spice that blends with most of your cooking. Health Benefits of Curcumin Its medicinal history dates back thousands of years. Curcumin can have powerful implications for your health and […]

Relieve Yeast Infection Symptoms [4 Tips That Really Work]

0.0 00 This post has been sponsored by MONISTAT®. All thoughts and reviews are my own. Have you ever wondered how to relieve yeast infection symptoms? Did you know that up to 75% of women experience yeast infections at some point in their lives? Did know that stress can play a part in how frequently […]

4 Health Tips You Need To Pay Attention To Now

0.0 00 This post has been sponsored. Check out these four health tips and learn why they’re so important. When it comes to taking care of your body, some women aren’t sure of the best way to incorporate changes into their lives. As women, we’re prone to certain diseases and health problems, including urinary tract […]

Calcium Beauty Benefits

0.0 00 Did you know that that there are calcium beauty benefits? I know, when you’re standing in front of the mirror putting on your makeup in the morning, reaching for calcium supplements isn’t the first thing that pops into your head. I tend to go for cover up and mascara personally but getting enough […]

Must Have Feminine Hygiene Products After 40

0.0 00 Did I mention that I recently went on a trip to Maine? I don’t travel that often but when I do, I love staying active. I walk. I exercise. I visit local attractions. I want to do it all and I don’t want anything to slow me down. These must have feminine hygiene […]

Beauty Benefits of Vitamin C You May Not Realize

0.0 00 There are many beauty benefits of Vitamin C although when most people hear Vitamin C, they think of immune system support. Whenever I feel a cold coming on, I always make sure that I take extra Vitamin C to try to stay healthy.  While Vitamin C is a great way to boost your immune […]