Do It Yourself Halloween Costumes That Work

0.0 00 I love putting together do it yourself Halloween costumes! I don’t want to show up at a party wearing the same Halloween costume as someone else. And, while I love DIY Halloween costumes, I’m not overly crafty. I have been looking for some simple Halloween costume ideas when I came across these videos. […]

5 Halloween Costumes Women Over 40 Want to Wear

0.0 00 Here are five Halloween costumes women over 40 want to wear. Did you ever notice that your taste in Halloween costumes changes as you get older? Maybe it’s just me but the thought of wearing a short, tight Halloween costume at 49 fills me with almost as much dread as my next mammogram. As […]

Halloween Eye Makeup Ideas Using Eyeshadow

0.0 00 Have you ever wondered about Halloween eye makeup ideas that don’t use traditional Halloween makeup? I’d prefer not to buy a bunch of Halloween makeup that I will only use once a year. I’d rather get an eyeshadow palette that I can use over and over again. Halloween Eye Makeup Ideas Halloween is […]

Top Halloween Hair Ideas for Authentic Costumes

0.0 00 Check out these top Halloween hair ideas for authentic custom looks! According to the National Retail Federation, Halloween spending this year will reach $9 billion with over 175 million consumers planning to spend $3.2 billion on costumes alone. And it’s not just a holiday for kids. Adults costumes and parties are all the rage […]

Safe Online Shopping Tips for Halloween and Beyond

0.0 00 Check out these safe online shopping tips for Halloween. I know, it’s less than a month to Halloween so your thoughts have probably turned to finding the best Halloween costume, stocking up on candy, and which Halloween party you should go to this year. Safe Online Shopping Tips for Halloween Shopping for Halloween […]

Fashionable Halloween Costumes on a Budget

0.0 00 Finding fashionable Halloween costumes can be a challenge. When I buy costumes for myself and the family, I try to avoid the cheap, plastic kind that tears easily and hang awkwardly when you wear them. I’d rather have a costume that I can use again or pass to a friend than one I […]

Orange and Black Makeup for Halloween

0.0 00 Orange and black makeup is a fun way to get into the Halloween spirit without dressing up. It’s been years since I dressed up for Halloween but I do enjoy doing fun seasonal nail designs. The girls enjoy changing up their makeup during Halloween and using black lip products and bolder eye designs […]

How to Dress Like a Pan Am Stewardess for Halloween

0.0 00 Have you ever wondered how to dress like a Pan Am stewardess for Halloween? I love Halloween because it gives me a chance to dress up as something I’m not. Some people may choose to dress as a princess, an evil sorceress, or their favorite movie character. Others might choose a waitress or […]

Easy Retro Halloween Costumes

0.0 00 There is just something fun about putting together a retro Halloween costume. When I was younger, one of my favorite movies of all times was Grease. I loved the characters, the music, and the way they dressed. It’s not difficult or expensive to put together a few retro Halloween costumes. Easy Retro Halloween […]

Halloween Costumes Inspired by Movies

0.0 00 I love Halloween but it can be a challenge coming up with a different idea each year. I love classic Halloween costumes and Halloween costumes inspired by movies are always a big hit. I don’t want to have to spend hours sewing something by hand. I just don’t have the time and or […]