Condition and Repair Over Processed Hair

You can repair over processed hair with these tips! As a woman who has been highlighting and coloring her hair for many years to hide the gray, I get it. Not everyone was born with manageable hair. There are sometimes that our hair needs a little bit of help. We highlight, color, blow dry, curl […]

7 Home Remedies for Split Ends

These home remedies for split ends will help improve your hair’s manageability, shine and appearance. I tend to spend a fair amount of time on my hair. When I have a bad hair day, or it just doesn’t cooperate the way I want it to, I feel it impacts the way I look. It’s easy […]

Two Ingredient Rinse to Remove Product Buildup From Hair

Have you ever tried to remove product buildup? Last time I visited the salon, I decided that my hairstyle made me look old. I’ve had the same style for years and after flipping through a fashion magazine decided that I wanted to do something different but not too different. We decided to go with a […]

How to Make your Hair Color Last Longer

Yes, you’ve discovered my secret. I highlight my hair. I got my first grey hair after my daughter was born in my middle twenties. It wasn’t that obvious at the time because my hair was fairly light. I just yanked it out and chalked it up to another part of aging that I wasn’t that […]

How To Do A Blowout At Home

Have you ever had a blowout before? I mean a real, go to the salon, pay a bunch of money and have a stylist do it kind of blowout? I did, once, on a business trip to Chicago. It’s a fun experience and one that I would recommend, once, because honestly, you can do the […]

Tips for Coloring Grey Hair at Home

I’m going to let you in on a little secret that you may or may not know. My hair is not my natural color.  When I was born and up until I was about three or four years old, I had beautiful light blonde hair. As I got older, my hair got darker. In high […]

Rusk Paste Define & Separate

There are days I dream about being able to just wash my hair and towel it dry and leave the house for the day. If you have fine, thin hair like I do, you’ll probably understand how impossible this is if you want your hair to look even remotely presentable that day. My hair needs […]

Benefits of Dead Sea Mud Shampoo for Psoriasis

Have you ever tried a Dead Sea Mud Shampoo? The Dead Sea is also called the Salt Sea. It is a salt lake bordering Jordan to the east and Palestine and Israel to the west.  To be honest, I had to look it up on a map since my geography is a little rusty.  The Dead […]

Arvazallia Argan Oil Review

Product provided. I’ve always admired those models on television with silk, soft, shiny hair. It looks healthy and beautiful and that’s something that I want for my hair. Since I wash and style my hair each day, it’s exposed to heat and a variety of styling products. I also highlight or color my hair regularly. […]

Pureology Highlight Heaven Supports Global Green USA

This post on Pureology Highlight Heaven was made possible by product provided for review. All opinions are mine and mine alone. It’s no secret that I highlight my hair. One of the things that I got with the birth of my daughter was my first gray hair. At 26, I was less than excited. Since I […]