How to Soothe Skin After Waxing To Avoid Infection

How do you soothe skin after waxing? After your last bikini wax, you came home and your skin was bumpy and irritated. You cannot wait to get back to the beach again and you know a bikini wax is the easiest way to remove hair in that area. But, you certainly don’t want to have […]

Bikini Wax Tips and Types

Now that swimsuit season is finally here, you may be considering your shaving options for your bikini line. Depending on how daring your swimsuit bottom is, a bikini wax may be an option you’re thinking about. Did you know that there are several different types of bikini waxes? These bikini wax tips will make the […]

Easy Facial Hair Removal for Summer

Did you ever notice that as you get older, you start to find more and more things you’re not that happy about? First there were grey hairs and then wrinkles. Now we have facial hair. Really? As if shaving your legs every day wasn’t enough of a pain. Now there are random hairs popping up […]