Chevron Fashion Trend 2015

Chevron print is a retro inspired pattern of connected V’s. It was very popular in the 1970s and has lately made a comeback. It’s named as one of the fall fashion trends for 2015 and even Giambattista Valli showcased a few fun Chevron pieces during the Paris Fashion Week. Product has been provided. Chevron Fashion Trend […]

Over 45 Fashion Tips

There are no hard and fast rules about what you have to wear at what age. While these tips work for me and other women I know that are over 45, you’ll need to take the suggestions that work best for you. Over 45 Fashion Tips The most important thing when thinking about over 45 […]

Back to School Fashion for Juniors

It seems like it happened overnight. One moment, I could help my daughter shop for back to school clothes and the next moment I had the worst taste of anyone that had ever existed. You’d think I suggested she wear plaids and checks in the same outfit. Finding back to school fashions for juniors that […]

Best Swimsuit for a Small Bust

When I was in high school, I hated swimsuit season. I was never blessed with enough up top to look like a supermodel in a bathing suit.  While I was flipping through Cosmo magazine, drooling over swimsuits that I’d never be able to fill out, I should have done some research on the best swimsuit […]

How to Accessorize for Spring

Finally, the weather is warming up and I can focus on how to accessorize for spring instead of winter! Accessorizing can really make or break an outfit. Just picture a plain white shirt. How boring, right? Add a colorful scarf, some trendy bracelets, a statement necklace or another accessory and it makes all the difference. […]

Socks for Boots | Monthly Subscription Boxes

It’s no secret that I have a thing for monthly subscription boxes. Getting a little surprise in the mail each month is a wonderful way to pamper yourself.  I always intend to treat myself to something when I’m shopping but somehow I forget or get distracted by the sale on laundry detergent and never actually […]

Accessorizing with Scarves | One Outfit Two Scarves

Most of the time, my outfits are very casual. I work at home so I don’t need to dress up for an office every day. I live in the country where people tend to have a more relaxed style than in the city.  No one I know really dresses up unless they are heading to […]

How to Make Fall Fashion Pop

Fall has definitely arrived in Vermont and we have a freeze warning over the next 2 days. That means that it is time to put away the shorts and the short sleeved shirts and start bringing out some of my favorite fall fashion pieces. Just because summer is over is no reason to lose all […]

Shopping for Denim Online

This post has been sponsored. All opinions are mine and mine alone. I love going shopping with my friends but lately I don’t have a lot of time to do it. Between going to college, my job and work study and getting all my homework done, it seems like I never have enough time to just […]

How to Figure Out Your Bra Size Easily

Did you ever wonder how to figure out your bra size? Did you know that your bra size will change over your lifetime?  If you’ve been pregnant, lost or gained weight, started or stopped breastfeeding, etc. chances are your bra size is not the same as it was before.  For years, I have had an […]