Best Deals on Fashion for the Spring and Beyond

I love to shop and I love knowing that I am finding the best deals on fashion. But, shopping is not all about saving money. Sometimes, it’s about doing good by supporting a cause or brand that you support. Best Deals on Fashion is a daily deals site for the very best fashion and […]

Fashion Shopping with Coupons and Savings Online

I love fashion shopping with coupons and promo codes to get the most out of my clothing budget. While I’ve always shopped clearance and sales, you can save even more by combining coupons with them. Of course, you don’t typically see coupons for clothing stores in the newspaper like you do grocery coupons. Fashion Shopping […]

Fall Fashion Over 50 That Hides Weight Gain

Fall fashion over 50 doesn’t have to baggy. Let me get real with you here for a minute. Menopause has struck and with it weight gain that I cannot seem to get rid of. I’m not impressed. And, for the past few months, I’ve given up a little bit and resorted to baggy jeans and […]

4 Fall Festival Fashion Outfit Ideas for Women Over 40

Have you been wondering about fall festival fashion? I love attending fall festivals each year. There are so many great ones in the area to enjoy. After all, what isn’t there to like about pumpkins, hayrides, corn mazes, and apple cider? When I’m planning my weekend out, I always wonder what I should wear. I […]

10 Ways to Save Money at Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret is a world-class brand of women’s premium lingerie, womenswear and beauty products. It is the largest American retailer of women’s lingerie, famous for amazing products and a friendly shopping experience.   10 Ways to Save Money at Victoria’s Secret Simply put, women are crazy for Victoria’s Secret and would do anything to have […]

Buying Clothes So It Hurts – Why Expensive is Good

Bluelight special in aisle three. Years ago, those words would have been music to my ears. Why buy one shirt for $10 when you can get three for $10? I took advantage of almost every sale or discount available.  More was always better than less. If one was good then four was even better.  I […]

Affordable Fall Fashions from Chadwicks of Boston

I’ve been looking for affordable fashions for fall that would help me transition from the warmer weather to the cool weather. It’s not quite winter jacket weather, but I definitely need more than just a sweater when I go outside. I received products from Chadwicks of Boston to create this post, but the story is […]

Apparel for Dog Lovers that Helps Rescues

How can apparel for dog lovers help? Over four million animals are put to death every year in the U.S. alone because they are abandoned and unwanted. That’s a shocking number. As someone who is a huge animal lover, that number brings tears to my eyes. Our pets are part of our family, and all […]

5 Insane (but true) Facts About Ties You Need to Know

Do you know these 5 insane (but true) facts about ties? When I was little, I remember watching my father tie his tie every day as he got ready for work. He worked in an office, and a suit and tie were just something that he had to wear every day. I can remember playing […]

5 Disney Fashion Tips from Ursula the Sea Witch

Product was provided for inspiration. We all have our fashion inspiration. Maybe you’d secretly love to look like Gwyneth Paltrow or Meryl Streep. Maybe you love Tyra Banks fashion and beauty tips. Me, I look for Disney fashion tips from Ursula the Sea Witch. Why Ursula? Disney Fashion Tips from Ursula the Sea Witch If […]