Mojo Aromatherapy Wristband from Aravinda

0.0 00 This aromatherapy wristband is a great way to take your favorite essential oil scents on the go. I’ve written many times about how much I love my essential oils. I use them regularly at home and in my car. While I’ve used aromatherapy bracelets in the past, they haven’t always been convenient to […]

8 Best Essential Oils Beginners Should be Using

0.0 00 Today I’m sharing the best essential oils beginners should be using. We hear a lot about essential oils and how beneficial they are. It seems like everyone has a diffuser or a body scrub with essential oils in it. But, which oils should you be using and why? It’s really not as simple […]

How to Make Your Own Night Cream for Beautiful Skin

Learning how to make your own night cream is one way to save a few dollars on your beauty routine. As much as I love to pamper myself, there are times I enjoy making a few beauty products as well. I use face cream in the morning and in the evening. For my morning routine, […]

How to Make an Energizing Citrus Foot Soak

This energizing citrus foot soak will help get your feet ready for sandal weather. After a long cold winter of wearing boots, I know that my feet can use a little bit of pampering and attention along with a pedicure so they’re ready to show off my favorite spring and summer looks. Giving your feet […]

3 Ingredient Homemade Facial Toner DIY Recipe

Apple cider vinegar helps heal a variety of skin ailments, from bug bites to poison ivy to sunburn. I start making my homemade facial toner DIY recipe as the furnace starts coming on more in my home. I’m reminded that I need to pay more attention to my skin. The air is drier and I […]

Homemade Lip Plumper with Essential Oils

I own several lip glosses that plump your lips while providing gloss and color. Both cost close to $30 a tube which to me is a bit much. Don’t get me wrong, I love lip gloss but for $30 I can buy a pair of shoes instead. When I can, I really prefer to make […]

9 Best Essential Oils for Beauty and Skin Care

0.0 00 Years before we had access to the local Sephora or drug store, women were using plants in their beauty routine. Today, we have many plant properties available to us as essential oils. Discovering the best essential oils for beauty will let you make your beauty routine a bit more natural. This post contains affiliate […]

Relaxing Detox Bath Soak Beauty Recipe

This Detox Bath Soak beauty recipe is a wonderful way to pamper yourself and relax. I’ve been sick this past week and I could really use some pampering time. A Detox Bath Soak will help remove impurities from your body and leave your skin feeling soft and pampered. It’s the best of both worlds: beauty […]