8 Best Essential Oils Beginners Should be Using

Today I’m sharing the best essential oils beginners should be using. We hear a lot about essential oils and how beneficial they are. It seems like everyone has a diffuser or a body scrub with essential oils in it. But, which oils should you be using and why? It’s really not as simple as choosing […]

How to Relax Naturally and Pamper Yourself

Learning how to relax naturally after a stressful day has helped me have a calmer evening. After a long day at work, the kids, the house, etc. I just felt like I was so anxious that I couldn’t relax. My preference is to use natural techniques like lavender first when looking for solutions. This post contains […]

Lip Scrub DIY Homemade Recipe

It’s no secret that I love buying the latest makeup and beauty products but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some things that I like to make myself. This lip scrub DIY homemade recipe is one of the easiest ways to keep your lips kissably soft and smooth. Lip Scrub DIY Homemade Recipe Just like our […]