Pampering Bath Products: Easy DIY Lullaby Oil

0.0 00 Have you ever thought about making your own pampering bath products? My relaxation time at the end of the night is something that I look forward to quite a bit.  I have a cup of chamomile tea and either watch a movie with my husband or read a book. Sometimes on particularly stressful […]

8 Best Essential Oils Beginners Should be Using

0.0 00 Today I’m sharing the best essential oils beginners should be using. We hear a lot about essential oils and how beneficial they are. It seems like everyone has a diffuser or a body scrub with essential oils in it. But, which oils should you be using and why? It’s really not as simple […]

Lip Scrub DIY Homemade Recipe

0.0 00 It’s no secret that I love buying the latest makeup and beauty products but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some things that I like to make myself. This lip scrub DIY homemade recipe is one of the easiest ways to keep your lips kissably soft and smooth. Lip Scrub DIY Homemade Recipe Just […]