Gorgeous Pastel Easter Dresses for Women

Are you excited about this year’s pastel Easter dresses? I love the gorgeous dress styles that are available this year and Easter is the perfect occasion to wear them. Easter is the beginning of spring for many women. Pastel pink, lavender, mint green, and light blue are always popular colors for spring. So, it makes […]

How to Marble Easter Eggs With This Nail Polish Hack

Do you know how to marble Easter eggs? I’ve wanted to try this nail polish hack for a while and now is a perfect time! I’ve seen this process used on vases and coffee cups so I decided to try it on Easter eggs. We love keeping Easter eggs on display but it’s not safe to […]

How to Make an Easy Easter Bunny Mason Jar Gift

I love Mason jar gift ideas because it lets me use something I already have on hand in a more creative way. I’m not a fan of disposable, plastic things that you use once and then throw away. I would much rather wash something and re-use it or recycle something when I was done with […]

Easy to Do Easter Nail Designs – Bunny

I have been looking through Pinterest for easy to do Easter nail designs. I really wanted to make an Easter Bunny. I cannot believe all the talented nail designs I have found with little white bunnies romping through fields of spring flowers. Either I’m going to need a nail the size of a blackboard or […]