Comfortable Supportive Boots for Winter and Spring

I am absolutely in love with these supportive boots! You know it can be a challenge to find boots that are comfortable and have good arch support. Years ago, I developed a heel spur and totally had to change the way I bought boots and shoes. Originally, I thought I had to give up all […]

Fall Fashion Over 50 That Hides Weight Gain

Fall fashion over 50 doesn’t have to baggy. Let me get real with you here for a minute. Menopause has struck and with it weight gain that I cannot seem to get rid of. I’m not impressed. And, for the past few months, I’ve given up a little bit and resorted to baggy jeans and […]

Socks for Boots | Monthly Subscription Boxes

It’s no secret that I have a thing for monthly subscription boxes. Getting a little surprise in the mail each month is a wonderful way to pamper yourself.  I always intend to treat myself to something when I’m shopping but somehow I forget or get distracted by the sale on laundry detergent and never actually […]

My Style | Comfortable Stylish Winter Boots

I’m not a big fan of winter. Yes, I know. I live in Vermont. I should like the snow. I should ski or build snowmen or have snow ball fights. But, I don’t. I go from my warm house to my warm car to a warm building and then reverse the process to go home. […]