How to Reduce the Appearance of Fine Lines

0.0 00 Would you love to turn back the hands of time and reduce the appearance of fine lines? I started noticing fine lines in my early thirties and there was no way that I was ready for them. At 51, I have more than I care to think about. As you age, your skin […]

Korean Skincare Treatment for Whiter Skin

0.0 00 Have you ever wondered how a Korean skincare treatment can help your skin? I’ve often felt that Korean skincare products are more trendy than those I can find locally. I read a number of beauty magazines and have always been impressed by the cutting edge technology and research being done with new products. […]

How to Get Younger Looking Skin at Almost Any Age

0.0 00 If I paid more attention to my skin when I was younger, I wouldn’t have to worry about how to get younger looking skin today.  I guess what they say is true.  You don’t know what you had until you no longer have it. At 50+, my skin is starting to show its […]

Best Firming Skin Cream for Neck and Eyes

0.0 00 If you’re searching for the best firming skin cream, look no further. As we age, one of the first places we notice changes is on our face. For many women, those little lines at the corners of your eyes and skin that sags are just a few of the changes that come along […]

A Look at How Compliments Make You Feel

0.0 00 This post was created in partnership with RoC® Skincare. This is a look at how compliments make you feel depending on how they’re said. Everyone loves to be complimented. “That’s such a pretty sweater” or “Your hair looks amazing” can certainly bring a smile to my face on even the most stressful day. […]

How to Care for Aging Skin for a More Youthful Look

0.0 00 Are you wondering how to care for aging skin? I’m not one to pay a lot of attention my age.  I expect to grow old but I expect to grow old gracefully with as little damage to my skin as possible. In order to make that a reality, I needed to learn how […]

Ways To Care For Your Skin as You Age

0.0 00 Are you looking for ways to care for your skin? Is the cold winter air making your skin dry and sensitive? Between the colder temperatures and the fact that we have the heater running 24/7, my skin is often dry and irritated during the winter. When you add menopause to the mix, my […]

Give Yourself a Gift of Youthful Beauty This Year

0.0 00 With all of the hecticness of the holiday season, you really do need to slow down and give yourself a gift. I know, the holidays are all about giving to others. But, as busy women, we deserve to pamper ourselves as well. You know that you’ll look and feel better after you’ve done […]

What Are The Best Oils For Your Hair Health Over 40

0.0 00 Have you ever wondered what the best oils for your hair are? We all know that healthy hair is well moisturized and shiny. And, one of the easiest ways to keep our hair healthy is by choosing hair care products that are free of harmful ingredients and contain natural oils. But, which oils […]

Dealing with Aging Hair and Covering the Gray

0.0 00 I’m 50 years old and dealing with aging hair is just one of the fun things that comes along with arthritis and age spots. My hair as always been fine and thin. I have always had to really work at having soft, shiny, and bouncy hair. Remember the big hair craze of the […]