Amrita Sen Cosmic and Eternal Love Bracelet Giveaway

I learned about this gorgeous Amrita Sen Cosmic and Eternal Love bracelet after reviewing an adult coloring book on my family entertainment blog. It turns out that Amrita Sen has a beautiful line of jewelry that includes a Cosmic and Eternal Love bracelet. Product has been provided.  This post contains affiliate links, and I will […]

How to Get Clear Healthy Skin After 40

Have you been trying to figure out how to get clear healthy skin? Did you think once your teenage years were behind you that clear skin would just happen? If you’re like many women, it isn’t that simple. Our complexion can change depending on many things in our lives including our diet, hormones, the skin […]

Basic Beauty Essentials for Valentine’s Day

These basic beauty essentials will leave you feeling pampered and beautiful just in time for Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re planning a night with that special someone or a pampering day at home alone, these products have you covered. Just put on some soft, romantic music and fill the tub with hot water and bubbles to […]

Easy Detox Tips For a Good Morning Workout

With the new year, there’s a renewed focus on getting a good workout and these easy detox tips will get you started correctly. Many people choose to get their workout in first thing in the morning because it leaves them feeling invigorated and awake. If you’re one of those people, it only makes sense to […]

How to Use a Kabuki Brush

For the longest time, I used whatever brush came with my cosmetics when I applied it. After all, that’s the brush they sent so that must be the right choice, right? Wrong. Generally speaking, cosmetic companies include a generic, not that great quality brush with their cosmetics just in case you don’t have one. It […]

Lip Care Tips to Keep Your Lips Kissably Soft

I have a thing for lip products but what are the real differences in lip products and what should be used when? These lip care tips will help answer that question. It’s no joke when I say that I have a huge bucket full of lip products to choose from each morning. This post contains […]

Winter Skin Care Tips for Aging Skin

These winter skin care tips will help your skin feel softer and more hydrated even during the colder winter months. While many people suffer from dry winter skin, it can be even more of a challenge for those that are aging due to hormone changes. If you typically have dry skin in the winter, you’re […]

50+ Chocolate Beauty Products to Make at Home

What better way to pamper yourself than with a few chocolate beauty products. You can buy them at the store, of course, but it’s so much more fun to make them at home. Feel free to pamper yourself or give them as gifts to friends and family.  I know that both my Mom and my […]

Eco-Friendly Beauty Gifts for Valentine’s Day

I love receiving beauty gifts for Valentine’s Day.  There’s just something that makes me smile when I open a box with a bottle of perfume, a new eye shadow palette, or a kit from my favorite make up brand.  Finding eco-friendly beauty gifts can be a bit of a challenge so I thought I’d share […]

Best Anti Aging Facial Products to Remove Toxins

Why am I worrying about the best anti aging facial products to remove toxins? Have you ever thought about the toxins that your skins are exposed to? There are toxins in the air caused by pollution as well as toxins in the products you put on your skin or in the foods you eat. Since […]