Hot Tools Insta-Curl EZ Styler Tips to Style Your Hair

The Hot Tools Insta-Curl EZ Styler is just what you need! Have you started to think about holiday hairstyles yet? I’ve already booked my appointment for a cut and color. The holidays are a perfect time to glam up your hairstyle a bit. So, I was thrilled when I was offered the opportunity to give […]

Dealing with Aging Hair and Covering the Gray

I’m 50 years old and dealing with aging hair is just one of the fun things that comes along with arthritis and age spots. My hair as always been fine and thin. I have always had to really work at having soft, shiny, and bouncy hair. Remember the big hair craze of the eighties? That […]

Best Styling Products for Volume in the Summer

Have you been wondering what the best styling products for volume are? Summer can bring with it a lot of hair care challenges for your hair. There is extra humidity, chlorine, the sun, and salt. All of those things combined can lead to flat, lifeless summer hair. I received products for this post. This post contains […]

Simple Tips To Do An At Home Blowout

Years ago, I had a blowout at a salon while I was visiting Chicago. It isn’t the type of salon we have here in Vermont, but it was an experience that I really enjoyed. Even though I can’t easily have it done at a salon today, I can do an at home blowout that’s very […]

Tips for Drying Your Hair Without Breakage

Have you noticed that as you get older, your hair is more prone to breakage? As you age, your hair loses some of its elasticity. This loss in elasticity makes your hair more prone to breakage. Sometimes, the hair products you use can also cause your hair to be more dry and brittle. Hair bleaches, chemicals, […]

Simple Holiday Hair Tips for Busy Women

The holidays are the most wonderful time of the year – and also a time of overscheduled chaos. How can you make sure to look your best when running around like a madwoman? Read on for tips to save time, money, and your hair! Thank you so much to Jeanna Doyle for sharing these tips […]

How to Achieve Straight, Flawless Hair at Home

Have you ever gone to the salon for a cut and style and fallen in love with what they do to your hair but not been able to achieve the same thing yourself? It seems like it happens to me every time I have my hair done. Of course, some of it is skill. They […]

Why a Silicone Free Hair Product is the Best Choice

Do you know why a silicone free hair product is the best choice? At 49, I pay a lot of attention to my hair. I try to hide the grey hairs and add body and volume. I add back hydration that the coloring and heat styling removes. Without attention, my hair is flat, dull and […]

How To Make Hair Look Fuller in 6 Steps

Are you wondering how to make hair look fuller? Did you know that as you age, many people experience thinning hair? For someone who spends a lot of time trying to have a good hair day, this isn’t a good thing.  I have never had super full hair even when I was younger, so thinning […]

How Hair Straightening Brushes Save Time in the Morning

My daughter is not a morning person. She generally rolls out of bed just a few minutes before she needs to leave. She is always on the lookout for time save tips and when she learned that hair straightening brushes were quicker to use than traditional straighteners, she had to have one. Your traditional hair […]