14 Easy Lip Gloss Recipes You Can Make

No matter how casual or sophisticated you apply your makeup, a coat of lip gloss is an easy way to add a bit of shine to your look. These lip gloss recipes are a wonderful treat that you can make for yourself or they can be given to friends and family as gifts. While you […]

How to Marble Easter Eggs With This Nail Polish Hack

Do you know how to marble Easter eggs? I’ve wanted to try this nail polish hack for a while and now is a perfect time! I’ve seen this process used on vases and coffee cups so I decided to try it on Easter eggs. We love keeping Easter eggs on display but it’s not safe to […]

How to Make an Easy Easter Bunny Mason Jar Gift

I love Mason jar gift ideas because it lets me use something I already have on hand in a more creative way. I’m not a fan of disposable, plastic things that you use once and then throw away. I would much rather wash something and re-use it or recycle something when I was done with […]

How to Get Started Making Beautiful Handmade Jewelry

Getting started making beautiful handmade jewelry isn’t as difficult as you’d think. For several years, I had a crafts website and one of my most popular items was my handmade jewelry. I sold bracelets, necklaces, pins, and rosaries both online and at craft fairs for several years. I eventually learned that I preferred making one […]

How to Make an Irish Skeleton Key Necklace

This Irish Skeleton Key Necklace was inspired by a story I read. I have always loved the Boxcar Children series and I’ve read quite a few of them. In one of my favorite books (The Legend of the Irish Castle), the children are let into the castle’s gardens by a caretaker who uses an old skeleton […]

How to Organize Your Makeup Desk Quickly

Today I’m sharing how to organize your makeup desk quickly. If you’re anything like me, your makeup is either tossed in a drawer or scattered randomly around the bathroom and your handbag. Use these easy tricks to organize all of your makeup and give everything a home. This post contains affiliate links.This post may be […]

How to Make a Natural Shoe Deodorizer Sachet

With as many pairs of shoes as I have, I decided it was time to learn how to make a natural shoe deodorizer sachet. I love shoes and boots but there are times that shoes can get an off smell to them. I hate throwing shoes away, but it’s not like I can just throw […]

How to Care for Leather Boots

It’s almost boot season again and that has me wondering how to care for leather boots. Last year, I just put them in the back of the closet and forgot about them when it started to warm up. I know now that wasn’t the best way to take care of them.This post may be sponsored. […]

How to Sanitize Makeup Safely and Effectively

Have you wondered how to sanitize makeup? Maybe you swapped makeup with a friend? Or,  you received something that wasn’t quite your color but it would look fabulous on them? Maybe you have a teenage daughter who likes to experiment with her friends and try new brands? Have you ever worried about the transfer of […]

DIY Beauty Gift Ideas for College Girls

I wanted to give Sarah something fun for back to college time. She really has the essentials already since she’s a senior this year. I started to look for DIY beauty gift ideas that were both fun and useful. I remembered that a friend of mine made “ice cream” sundaes with bath puffs and came […]