How to Make a Hair Conditioner with Aloe Vera

This hair conditioner with aloe vera is the answer to dry hair. In the summer, my hair tends to be even more dry than normal. I have my hair highlighted year round which can damage my hair and make it look lifeless. When you add to that more time in the sun, the occasional exposure […]

How to Make Your Own Face And Body Care Products

Have you ever considered learning how to make your own face and body care products? There are so many different beauty care products in the stores today that it can be overwhelming. There are products that promise to make your hair shiny, soft, have more body, straight, curlier, smoother and so on.  You can find […]

How to Make Your Own Night Cream for Beautiful Skin

Learning how to make your own night cream is one way to save a few dollars on your beauty routine. As much as I love to pamper myself, there are times I enjoy making a few beauty products as well. I use face cream in the morning and in the evening. For my morning routine, […]

How to Make an Easy Homemade Hand Scrub Recipe

This easy homemade hand scrub recipe is the perfect soap scrub to reach for when you need a little bit of exfoliation along with the lather. Sometimes you want a little bit of exfoliation when you’re washing your hands. Maybe you were out in the garden, working on a messy craft, or making bread by […]

How to Make an Energizing Citrus Foot Soak

This energizing citrus foot soak will help get your feet ready for sandal weather. After a long cold winter of wearing boots, I know that my feet can use a little bit of pampering and attention along with a pedicure so they’re ready to show off my favorite spring and summer looks. Giving your feet […]

How to Make 20 Amazing Homemade Beauty Products

Homemade beauty products are often superior to beauty products that are loaded with unpronounceable ingredients.  As much as I love to shop, making your beauty products is fun too. You can alter the scents and ingredients that you use to make each product exactly the way you want it.  With homemade beauty products, you can […]

How to Make a Simple Natural Two Ingredient Lip Gloss

I’ve been experimenting with how to make a natural two ingredient lip gloss. If you look in my makeup collection, one of the first things you’d notice is that I have a thing for lip gloss. I easily have a dozen or more lip gloss containers. When I looked at the ingredients, I was sort […]

25 Lip Scrub Recipes You Need To Make Today

The cold winter weather can be harsh on your lips but these lip scrub recipes will bring back those kissably soft lips you need. Dry, chapped lips are no fun at all and definitely don’t make me feel like I want to kiss anyone. Lips often become chapped when they lack moisture, and while you […]

How to Make Chocolate Honey Lip Scrub

This chocolate honey lip scrub is the perfect way to get your lips kissably soft. Lip scrubs are a great way to gently exfoliate your lips. In the winter, when our lips are dried out from exposure to cold air, they can become chapped and sore. Chapped lips are not only uncomfortable but unattractive and […]

How to Make Simple Natural Rose Petal Bath Salts

These natural rose petal bath salts are a wonderful way to relax at the end of a long day. Just fill a tub with warm water, lock the door, light a scented candle and sprinkle some of these bath salts into the tub. You may not be able to get away for a romantic weekend, but […]