Help Smooth Aging Skin in 5 Minutes a Day

Have you ever wondered how to help smooth aging skin without investing in a time-consuming beauty routine? As I get older, one of the things that I have noticed about my skin is that it’s no longer as smooth as it used to be. My pores are larger and fine lines are more noticeable. I have received […]

How to Get Clear Healthy Skin After 40

Have you been trying to figure out how to get clear healthy skin? Did you think once your teenage years were behind you that clear skin would just happen? If you’re like many women, it isn’t that simple. Our complexion can change depending on many things in our lives including our diet, hormones, the skin […]

Winter Skin Care Tips for Aging Skin

These winter skin care tips will help your skin feel softer and more hydrated even during the colder winter months. While many people suffer from dry winter skin, it can be even more of a challenge for those that are aging due to hormone changes. If you typically have dry skin in the winter, you’re […]

Biore With Natural Charcoal

I’m almost completely done with Christmas shopping. I just have a few more beauty stocking stuffers to pick up for the girls. Then, I can relax for a few before this weekend. At least, that’s my goal. I’ll probably end up cleaning or baking instead. Product was provided for this post. This post contains affiliate links, […]

HA7X Serum Review & Giveaway

As you age, your skin changes for a number of reasons including diet and hormonal changes. Some areas of our lives we have control over like what we eat and how much water we drink. But, we don’t really have any ability to control hormonal changes that our bodies go through as we age. We […]

Better Skin Mirakle Cream

As I age, improving the look and feel of my skin has become more of a priority. When I was younger, I admit that I took it for granted far too often. I’m seeing some of the results now in larger pores and fine lines.  A product was provided for this post. This post contains […]

Stock Up on Hydrating Skin Care for Winter

Winter is definitely here and soon the ground will be covered with snow. Colder temperatures mean drier skin and that means it’s time to stock up on hydrating skin care for winter. My skin gets so dry in the winter that it’s a constant struggle to keep my skin soft and smooth. I hate dry […]

How to Keep Your Hands Soft All Winter

Winters in Vermont mean cold hands and dry skin.  The temperatures dip down below freezing at least six months out of the year and that means we keep our wood stove running which dries out my hands.  When I venture outside, you can be certain that I’m wearing gloves as often as possible to keep […]

A Natural Acne Treatment with Floralux

My daughter has been searching for a natural acne treatment. At twenty-three, acne is something that she is dealing with but most of the acne treatments we’ve found have ingredients we’re concerned about. I knew that there had to be a treatment for acne that used natural ingredients. Thank you to BioClarity for sponsoring this […]

How To Turn Your Beauty Focus Inward

<img height=’0′ width=’0′ alt=” src=’′ /> Have you ever wanted to turn your beauty focus inward? We all want to look beautiful on the outside, and there is a whole industry that offers us beauty products to improve the way we look and feel. But it’s important for us to feel beautiful on the inside […]